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The Blog for Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hacking the Vote (Continued)

    Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho asked state elections officials Friday to reexamine their voting machine certification program after computer experts conducting tests in Sancho's office hacked into Diebold machines and altered the vote count.

    Gov. Jeb Bush, despite calling Sancho as a "maverick" who uses "unorthodox" methods, said earlier in the day that incoming Secretary of State Sue Cobb should "carefully" consider Sancho's complaint.
    "Voting machines hacked, Leon official says". See also "State will examine balloting"("Despite Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho's "maverick" reputation for loud public criticism of Florida's voting machinery, the state will seriously check out his warnings about ballot security, Gov. Jeb Bush said Friday") and "Review of vote policy?" ("Bush said he supports reviewing voting machines after a test by an elections supervisor showed that hackers could electronically stuff some ballot boxes.")

    Meanwhile, over in Volusia County:
    Volusia County Council members, and the voters they represent, have a lot to thank the supervisor of elections for.

    We're not talking about Ann McFall, who oversees voting in this county. We're talking about Ion Sancho, the elections supervisor for Leon County.

    Sancho did what McFall should have done. He invited computer-security experts to hack into the Accuvote system made by Diebold Elections Systems -- the same voting system Volusia County uses. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the hack was successful, as it has been in other parts of the country. The experts, representatives of elections-security advocacy group BlackBoxVoting.org, were able to break into Leon County machines three times in a four-month period. Each time, the experts were able to change voting tallies without leaving evidence of their electronic vandalism.

    Some would argue that Sancho stacked the deck against the Diebold machines by allowing access to his mainframe system and the cards used to program computers at precincts. But the experts had the same access that elections-office staffers or (in many counties) company technical-support personnel would have. Their ability to break in proves the need for more extensive security protocols, but it also raises doubts about whether it's possible to secure an electronic-only system against tampering.
    "Volusia council opts for verifiable voting system" ("They voted to dump the Diebold voting system the county's used for years in favor of a new system manufactured by Elections Systems & Software of Nebraska.") See also "Volusia County votes to replace voting machines with new system" and "Volusia dumps Diebold voting system".

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