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The Blog for Monday, January 23, 2006

Bush's "Band-Aid"

    Hint: Try Paying Higher Salaries

    "Bush proposes giving laptops to instructors and increasing bonuses and college financial help." But, even GOP State Senator David Simmons recognizes Bush's initiative as a mere band-aid:
    "I laud the governor for what he's done for education during his time," Simmons said. "But this is really a Band-Aid on the problem. We have to saddle up to the bar and start paying teachers a salary that is as competitive as what they can get in business if we want to keep them."
    "Governor offers tools to recruit teachers".

    It Is So Obvious ...

    that even

    Gov. Jeb Bush has said that he supports the idea of letting local voters decide on a modest increase in the surcharge on rental cars, a no-brainer move that could raise $40 million a year for Central Florida needs, including commuter rail.
    "Dramatic need".

    Cell Phone Privacy

    "Cellphone privacy in jeopardy, lawmakers say".

    "'This is crap. Let's try something new.'"

    Jim Davis' outsider strategy:

    The statements sound like a refrain from a third-party independent like Ross Perot or Ralph Nader: "I think we are living in a time where there is a remarkable abuse of power in Washington and Tallahassee," the candidate told reporters earlier this month. "People are so hungry for change because they don't feel a part of what happens up here."

    But it's a sign of the current political mood that the anti-insider sentiment comes from Congressman Jim Davis, a Democrat running for governor who has served in Tallahassee or Washington, D.C., since 1988.
    Will it work?
    University of Florida political science professor Stephen Craig said this year's level of voter antipathy is still nowhere near the early '90s reaction against Democrats' "accumulated arrogance" in Congress.

    "I'd say the winds are blowing in the Democrats' favor right now, but I wouldn't predict a huge turnover," he said. "One of these days, Republicans are going to get tossed out for the same reasons that Democrats did in '94, which is arrogance. They've shown plenty of it. At somee point, people are going to say, 'This is crap. Let's try something new.' But I don't know if (this year's scandals are) the trigger point."
    "Scandals to affect Florida election?"

    Late Start

    "It is too bad lawmakers find themselves so engaged on an issue best left for local school districts to decide. State lawmakers - who have no responsibility for school operations - should have no more hand in setting school calendars than in picking school lunch menus" "Later School Start Is A Good Idea Best Left To Local Boards".

    GOoPers Jump On "Reform" Bandwagon

    "Some reforms being discussed would: Bar private groups from paying for trips for lawmakers. Abramoff arranged several controversial trips, including one for Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Oviedo, to Scotland that included a golf outing." "Even some lobbyists say system needs reforming".

    What, Me Worry?

    "Ed Rollins, the high-priced political consultant that brought Texan H. Ross Perot to prominence in the 1992 presidential election, said he knows the polls show Katherine Harris trailing U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson by 20 points, but he told 200 Republicans at a rally on Saturday not to worry." "Down 20 Points? Not To Worry".

    "Ban this book"

    "If the pope understands what belongs in the realm of faith and what belongs in the realm of science, then maybe [Florida's commissioner of education John] Winn and his department should, too. This textbook is available without the religious passages, and that is the only version that should have been approved for Florida's public schools." "Ban this book" ("A biology textbook that discusses religious beliefs doesn't belong in Florida's high school science classes.")

    Stem Cell Research

    "Florida legislators this month will tackle for the first time the ethically charged issue of stem-cell research and whether tax money should pay for it. ... Gov. Jeb Bush strongly opposes research involving embryos. Yet the issue remains controversial within the Republican Party, with some anti-abortion politicians willing to support the science and others, particularly religious conservatives, opposed." "Stem-cell research on state's agenda".

    Another Example of GOoPer Personal Responsibility

    You have to love it when the head of Florida's self-professed party of "personal responsibility" utters gems like this:

    "I apologize for that if I'm indirectly responsible, which I'm not," Bush said after addressing Republican activists.
    "Reporters Ejected from Gov. Jeb Bush Speech in Florida".

    Let's Go With "Sanctimonious" "Hypocrite"

    "To his allies, Senate President Tom Lee is a reformer, determined to clean up a system dominated by powerful moneyed interests. To his critics, he's sanctimonious at best and a hypocrite at worst, a politician who is skillful at raising the same unrestricted corporate 'soft money' he rails against." "Lee Talks Reform, but How Much?"

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