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The Blog for Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crist Hires A Chief of Staff

    Crist Campaign

    "Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist announced Tuesday that his right-hand man will run his 2006 campaign for governor. Deputy Attorney General George LeMieux, former chairman of the Broward Republican Party, will serve as the Crist campaign's chief of staff." "Crist's top aide to direct his bid for governorship". See also "Former Broward GOP chief to run 'Crist for governor' campaign" (" LeMieux is a political veteran who managed Gov. Jeb Bush's Broward County re-election campaign in 2002.")

    The Buzz observes that "Crist's naming of LeMieux suggests the attorney general is finally building a professional campaign team months after his Republican rival, Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher, hired a bank of consultants and staff. See the earlier story."

    "Jeb!", He's "Running For Something"

    Ruth spanks Bush:

    Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, standing ever resolute in insisting the state's public school students meet the highest standards in education, firmly believes in Darwin's theory of evolution - BUT let's not get too carried away by muddling up science curricula with all that ape stuff.

    Are you beginning to understand why Florida ranks somewhere between Dogpatch and a flat-line when it comes to the quality of public education?

    In a display of mealy-mouthism that would make John Kerry bow in humility, the governor answered a question from The Miami Herald about whether he believed in Darwin's theory of evolution. ...

    Clearly the governor was shilly-shallying and shucking and jiving on the evolution question in order to cover his theological keister with the "intelligent design" crowd who want to inject into SCIENCE courses the notion that an unnamed master wizard like (oh, say, God?) set the forces into motion to create the universe. ...
    "Little Doubt He's Running For Something". More on Bush's inability to draw a distinction between a hypothesis and a theory in this piece by a Catholic Rollins Professor: "when Gov. Jeb Bush suggests that creationism, under the sheep's clothing of intelligent design, be taught as science, I find myself frustrated. And when he suggests that all of this has something to do with the fact that he's a Catholic, I lose it." "Jeb and Job".


    "In newspaper after newspaper over the last few days, the message is clear. Katherine Harris is in the campaign for U.S. Senate and isn't making plans to exit." "Harris Ready For the Campaign".

    Privatization Follies

    "The winner of a contract for 13 southeast Florida prisons has been accused of substandard care leading to deaths." They got the contract even though, in "a yearlong investigation of Prison Health Services, the New York Times reported last February that substandard care by the company contributed to at least 15 inmate deaths in 11 Florida jails since 1992." "New inmate health care contractor's record spotty".

    Amendment 3

    "The amendment went too far. It cuts by more than half, for example, the fees for settlements or awards of $1 million. Given the expense that goes into legitimate malpractice cases before compensation, many firms will be unable to take such cases. Which, of course, was the point of the doctors' amendment." "Neuter Amendment 3".

    Paid Up

    From The Buzz:"Remember the $10,500 misappropriated from the state Democratic party money to pay for campaign finance fines for the Leon Democratic Party? It seems the state party and Leon party begin the new year square. Recently elected Leon Democratic chairman Rick Minor the other day cut a check to the state party, state Democratic chairwoman Karen Thurman tells us." " Leon's Paid Up".

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