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The Blog for Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gallagher Didn't Disclose "Financial Stakes"

    "The CFO and candidate for governor didn't disclose financial stakes in companies doing state business." "Stocks overlapped official duties". The Buzz calls Gallagher "surprisingly oblivious to potential conflict of interest problems".

    We're Number 2!

    "The state famous for tourism and endless sunshine has a disturbing side. It is home to 43 so-called hate groups, second only to South Carolina, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Montgomery, Ala., organization that has tracked such groups for 25 years." "State is 2nd in number of hate groups".


    "Republican Alex Villalobos, a moderate in an increasingly conservative Legislature, is close to becoming the first Cuban American to lead Florida's Senate, but a few hurdles lie in his way." "Villalobos' rise to top in Senate faces tests".

    Gallagher Makes Trial Lawyers An Issue

    "The race for governor, he says in nearly every speech, is a contest among 'three lawyers and one businessman.' ... 'I do love at least one lawyer,' he tells crowds, introducing his wife, Laura, a lawyer. He sometimes adds that she's 'one of the good ones.'" "Gallagher Positioning Himself As Champion Of Tort Reform".

    "[A] last big tax cut to ... bankrupt the state"

    More "irresponsible tax cuts" from "Jeb!" The Sun Sentinel editorial board::

    It's not the state's money, it's your money. You'll probably hear that on Wednesday, when Gov. Jeb Bush is expected to propose the largest tax cut in Florida history. It's the same argument his brother used to justify irresponsible tax cuts at the federal level. ...

    The governor is clearly counting on people's personal self-interest to gain support for his plan.

    But self-interest can be measured in many ways. Perhaps your own personal self-interest is best served not by a tax cut but by having schools that actually educate your children, by having a transportation infrastructure that can get you to work in a reasonable amount of time, or by having an opportunity to buy a home that can be made affordable only through government subsidies.

    Think about that, Governor, before you go off half-cocked with another shallow attempt to buy votes for Republicans by hoodwinking the public into mistaking what is in its own self-interest.
    "Governor to propose huge tax cut." Mike Thomas puts it this way:
    Jeb Bush couldn't retire to his empty-nester Miami condo without a last big tax cut to cement his legacy and bankrupt the state for his successor.

    And so he announced a whopper last week. But here is what he didn't mention: He is paying for the first year of his tax cut with a tax increase.

    Here are the numbers: His tax cut amounts to $1.5 billion this year. Meanwhile, he wants to increase your taxes this year by -- my goodness, what a coincidence! -- $1.5 billion.
    I like this observation: our Jebbie "can't fathom the idea that he is responsible for a tax increase". "Who pays for Bush tax cut? You and I do".

    A Fine Man

    Scott Maxwell: "Central Florida lost one of its most passionate liberals during the weekend, when former Orange County Democratic Party leader Irby Pugh lost a battle with cancer. Pugh, a lawyer, was an unabashed partisan who wasn't afraid to pick fights or speak his mind. In one of his more memorable appearances in recent years, he attended a debate between Democrat Buddy Dyer and Republican Charlie Crist, who were both running for attorney general at the time. Pugh asked both candidates if they could explain how they did on their Bar exams. An unamused Crist responded that it took him three times to pass, telling Pugh, "You may have known that when you asked that question."


    "Walking the line between education and legislation".

    Polk County Dems Energized

    "The appearance of the two top Democratic candidates for governor at last week's Polk County Tiger Bay luncheon seemed to invigorate local Democrats". "Candidates for Governor Energize Democrats".

    "Lexus dealerships, country clubs and Neiman Marcus"

    "Rumor had it that what Evers meant was to get more Republicans registered, presumably because they are more likely to hunt and fish. If the bill is motivated by cliches, then why stop there? Why not add businesses that are likely to have a Republican clientele: Lexus dealerships, country clubs and Neiman Marcus?" "Fishing for votes".

    And The Lesson Is ...

    precisely what, Mr. Keller? "Keller: Lessons from the border".

    Boyd and Miller

    "Concern about federal spending and the ongoing lobbying and congressional scandals are among the topics Rep. Allen Boyd, Jr., D-Monticello, discussed Monday as President Bush prepared to deliver his State of the Union address today." "Boyd weighs in on issues". See also "Miller backs Bush on several issues".

    $630 Million ... Kinda Steep

    "Stressing the ongoing need to diversify the state's economy and create more high-tech, high-paying jobs, Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday said he will ask the Legislature for $630 million to pay for business startups and bolster growth of technology industries." "Bush wants $630 million to pay for business startups". See also "Governor seeks $250 million to lure biotech".

    Not Just a UUnion" Thing

    "Jeb!" "can't dismiss competitive teacher pay as simply a union cause. People who teach for a living usually are driven by their desire to help children, but they are not immune from market forces. College students looking for greater pay often refuse to consider teaching. For those who do teach, Florida offers salaries that are roughly $6,000 less than the national average. Closer to home, Georgia pays $5,000 more." "Welcome, teachers".

    While Jebbie is incapable of figuring it out - perhaps its an Andover Thing - "union causes" and the "public interest" usually coincide.

    It Must be A Communist Plot

    "A student is ending his fight with the Palm Beach County School Board over being told he must stand during the Pledge of Allegiance, but the battle isn't over for Cameron Frazier. Frazier is aiming instead at eliminating the state law that requires local school officials to make students stand." "Pledge lawsuit targets state law".

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