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The Blog for Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Gubernatorial Politics?"

    Crist supporter "Sen. Mike Fasano, apparently disgusted by recent news reports about Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher's past ownership of insurance company stocks while he was insurance commissioner, has a solution: Make all Cabinet officers put their personal fortunes into mutual funds or blind trusts when they take office." "Good legislation or gubernatorial politics?"

    Throwing Money in the Marketplace

    Gotta love the Jebbie's love of corporate welfare. In any event, any

    enthusiasm should be tempered with caution: $630 million is a lot of taxpayer money to bank on one industry, especially with $369 million already pledged toward a Scripps Florida venture still looking for a permanent site to call home.
    "Bush wants to spend $630 million on bio-tech incentives".

    Data Breach

    "Two ex-employees of a former Convergys subcontractor filed suit against the subcontractor last year, alleging that state documents were sent to India and Barbados, and possibly to China, for processing into the People First system. People First is Gov. Jeb Bush's largest 'outsourcing' project, a nine-year, $350 million contract for online personnel services." "Union calls DMS data breach e-mail 'vague'".

    99 Percent Ethical

    "According to numerous interpretations of Florida ethics law, a potential conflict doesn't arise until a public official has a 1 percent stake in the company doing business with the state." "State ethics line at 1 percent".

    "Snazzy slogan"

    "Armed with bilingual commercials and a snazzy slogan -- ''Informed. Prepared. Protected'' -- Gov. Jeb Bush announced a new disaster-readiness campaign Monday after completing an exercise to test the state's response to a terrorist-made flu pandemic." "Bush focuses on disaster preparedness".


    "All Too Often, 'Squalid' Defines Farmworkers' American Dream". See also "Migrant labor panel focuses on housing, safety" and "Farmworker safety proposals face tough sell" ("Members of the commission openly worried about the line legislators will have to walk between protecting farmworkers who are vulnerable to abuse and appeasing a large segment of Floridians who believe illegals should either be sent back home or shouldn't receive any government help at all.")

    The Nerve off these People

    "Before a crowd of business leaders Monday, Gov. Jeb Bush teed off on petition-gathering groups that have managed to get constitutional amendments before Florida voters." "Bush denounces petition-gathering groups".


    "State among top 10 in suicides".

    More GOoPer Business Values

    "The state has spent more than $4 million on a professional-liability insurance policy for teachers that has paid out just $50,000 in claims since the program was initiated four years ago." And try not to lagh at this:

    Jeb Bush, who has clashed with unions since he took office in 1999, defended the program, saying that teachers need the protection it provides.
    "Teachers' union critical of state insurance program".

    Karl and "Jeb!" talk 'Glades

    Jebbie's has been in talks with getting outa more Everglades cleanup supervision, and the folks he met with included, ahem, "the office of presidential adviser Karl Rove, the newspaper said." "In Glades cleanup, 'close enough' is far from finished".

    The Palm Beach Post editorial board has more, in "Retain federal oversight of Everglades cleanup":

    Let's see. Florida weakens Everglades cleanup rules and postpones the deadline for meeting them, at the urging of Gov. Bush and the sugar industry. The sugar industry complains and gets a tough federal judge removed from overseeing the cleanup. But as it turns out, U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno is every bit as tough. He demands that the state and the sugar growers keep their promises.

    What to do?

    If you're Gov. Bush, you lobby your brother's administration to end federal court oversight of the $1.1 billion cleanup altogether. You pressure the Justice Department and the Interior Department and regulators. In short, you try to cut the judge out of it. This tactic, which The Post reported last week, gets seamier.
    Read how it gets "seamier" here.

    Imagine That

    "For a state that claims to embrace law and order, it sure is tough on its prosecutors and public defenders. Pay is the issue. It's simply too low to attract and retain quality lawyers to Florida's state attorney and public defender offices, which face ever increasing challenges of employment turnover." "Turnover is plaguing state prosecutors and public defenders".

    Lobbyists Lawyer Up

    "Lobbyists are close to filing a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a new state law requiring them to disclose their fees. The Buzz has received an e-mail circulated by the board of the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists (FAPL), laying out some details of the legal strategy." "Taking Aim at Lobbyist Fee Disclosure".

    Photo Ops Galore

    "Republican U.S. Reps. Katherine Harris of Sarasota and Ginny Brown-Waite of Brooksville have headed to Iraq as part of a Congressional delegation." "Harris, Brown-Waite Head To Iraq".

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