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The Blog for Friday, March 24, 2006

GOoPer Flip Floppery

    "Charlie Crist's political rivals in the Florida governor's race pounced Thursday on his stated support for a restrictive abortion ban, support he later qualified." "Rivals Rip Crist's Abortion Stand". And, although the family man is one of those piling on poor Charlie, he has some 'splaining to do himself:
    In an interview, Gallagher said he, too, would sign an abortion bill such as South Dakota's if lawmakers pass it. But he said he wouldn't seek such a bill if elected.

    That's a switch for Gallagher from just a few weeks ago. In an interview in January, he refused to commit to supporting a ban on abortion if court rulings opened the door to one.

    Asked repeatedly whether he would support an abortion ban, in January, he would say only, "I will do everything I can to protect life."

    He was willing to commit Thursday, saying if legislators passed a South Dakota-styled law, "I would sign it without any clarification."
    Id. Both GOoPers are dancing around this and other social issues, knowing that they can't get out of the primary unless they're neo-snake handlers, yet will have a tough time in the general taking the position that victims of rape and incest are required to bear children.

    See also "South Dakota abortion ban an issue in Florida governor's race" and "Davis, Smith On Crist And Abortion".


    "The state-run insurer's deficit is bigger than expected and all insured homeowners in Florida will be charged a higher assessment to make up the difference." "Citizens' deficit may surpass $1.7B". see also "While sheltering Citizens, remember the customers", "Citizens bailout inflates by 23%" and "Citizens tax bailout plan advances".

    Paper Trail

    The Sun-Sentinel editorial board thinks "Touch-screen machines perform well, but talk of a paper trail still persists." "Voting Reform".

    ReDistricting Out. Gay Bashing In

    "Justices strike [Redistricting] constitutional amendment vote but clear the way for a vote on a same-sex marriage ban." "Redistricting question is off the ballot". See also "Court OKs Gay Marriage Initiative", "Supreme Court rejects attempt to retool redistricting process", "Court OKs wording of proposed same-sex marriage ban", "Redistricting hopes blocked", "High court kills redistricting amendment, OKs gay marriage one", "Justices reject redistricting law", "Fault's with ballot wording, not redistricting cause", "Florida Supreme Court rejects proposal on redrawing districts", "Redistricting Initiative Will Be Back", "Safe in their districts", "Same-sex marriage ban headed for 2008 ballot" and "$2.7-Million Flushed".

    Rats Keep Jumping Ship

    "Another high-level staffer is leaving Rep. Katherine Harris' House office. Deputy Chief of Staff Peggy Evans' last day is Friday. Evans is one of Harris' longest serving staffers, working for her for about two years." "Harris loses another one".

    More From The "Values" Crowd

    "More than a thousand severely disabled or chronically ill children who relied on state dollars for life-sustaining nutritional supplements have been cut off from Florida's Medicaid program, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to the agency, state officials acknowledged Thursday." "'Policy' denies nutrients to 1,000".

    Session News

    - Today's agenda: "Upcoming".

    - "Legislature 2006: Developments from Day 17, March 23". See also "Tallahassee Ticker".

    - "A bill to repeal the intangibles tax paid only by Florida's wealthier residents easily passed Thursday in the House, despite opposition from Democrats who say the measure would do nothing to help the middle class or poor." "House OKs intangibles tax repeal".

    - "The House voted overwhelmingly to move American students to the front of the financial-aid line Thursday, approving a ban on use of public funds by young people attending state colleges and universities on student visas." "House cuts aid for foreign students".

    - "Lawsuit limits face Senate battle". See also "'Joint and several' bill moves on to full Senate".

    - "House passes 'A-Plus-Plus' measure in party-line vote". See also "Sweeping public education reform debated" and "House OKs education plan" and "House approves overhaul of schools".

    - "Bill attempts to prevent paper trail for medicine".

    - "Most students in an unconstitutional voucher program could switch to another voucher program that has not yet been challenged to get state money to attend private schools, under a bill passed Thursday by the House." "Bill would allow students to switch voucher programs". See also "House passes bill to move children to another voucher program".

    - "House, Senate bills target cell phone telemarketers".

    Mahoney Blasts Foley

    "With the leader of Democratic efforts to take control of Congress standing at his side, challenger Tim Mahoney blasted Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Foley on Thursday for supporting a Medicare prescription drug program that Mahoney called inadequate and confusing." "Mahoney calls for new drug plan".

    Another GOoPer Flop

    "Only one state met fewer of the 10 quality standards in the annual report of the National Institute for Early Education Research for 2004-05 than Florida does for the current school year, based on preliminary data." "Pre-kindergarten program scores poorly".

    New Med Schools

    "The state says UCF and FIU can build schools. Now they need millions of dollars to make it happen." "Medical schools get okay, not cash". See also "State board OKs FIU med school".

    'Glades Failed

    "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers bent the rules to issue mining permits for the Lake Belt, a federal judge finds." "Judge: Corps failed Glades".

    Where Was Charlie?

    "Democratic candidates for governor make pitches to trial lawyers".

    Yesterday's News

    Some stories I missed yesterday: "Harris emphasizes faith", "Ros-Lehtinen scores with tiff" and "Closed meeting not a crime".

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