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The Blog for Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Convergys Going Down?

    "The state's largest privatization contract, with the firm Convergys, is now the subject of a false-claims prosecution by Florida's attorney general."

    Charlie had to be goaded into taking action:
    Crist's office agreed to take up the qui tam action Monday. Politically, though, it was too late. Democrats had already bashed Crist as a do-nothing, and [whistleblower] McDowell filed an ethics complaint last month against Crist, alleging the attorney general was dragging his feet to protect Convergys because one of its lobbyists is an advisor to Crist's governor campaign. Crist denied the charge.
    And Charlie is sitting on his hands other Convergys wrongdoing:
    Crist's office has declined to take another qui tam case involving Convergys, in which two former whistle-blowers said Denver-based GDX Co., a Convergys subcontractor, gave foreign workers access to confidential state worker information -- contrary to a contract provision to keep all such data on U.S. soil. Convergys said it didn't know of the alleged act.

    But Tom Lewis, head of the state agency overseeing the Convergys contract, said his investigators believe otherwise, and he proposed a $5 million fine against the company.

    "There's clear evidence stuff was being done overseas," Lewis told The Miami Herald last month. Lewis, who has warned workers in writing of the possible data leak, has stressed that, so far, there have been no identity-theft claims connected to the GDX case."
    State to prosecute contractor".

    Representative B's NRO Headache

    "A national conservative magazine asks Katherine Harris to step aside in the U.S. Senate race. Her reply invites its founder to campaign with her." "Magazine: Harris, step aside". See also "National Review urges Harris to drop Senate bid" and "Magazine holds open exit door for Harris".

    Immigration Marches

    "Tens of thousands of people in Florida protested federal immigration legislation Monday, joining hundreds of thousands nationwide who called on Congress to let them pursue the American dream.". "Florida joins immigration bill protests". See also "S. Floridians join pro-amnesty immigration rallies across nation" and "Immigrants march for right to work".

    Gallagher Cash

    "Trailing by double digits in public opinion polls, Tom Gallagher, the state’s chief financial officer, released new fundraising figures that show Attorney General Charlie Crist has taken a $2.2 million lead in total contributions raised through March 31. A key measure of where the two Republican gubernatorial campaigns stand -- “cash on hand” -- shows Crist with about $8.3 million, 46 percent more than Gallagher’s $5.7 million." "Gallagher Fundraising Falls Short". See also "Crist leads Gallagher in fundraising battle" and "Crist's fundraising outpacing rival's".

    Choice Politics

    "[W]ith three weeks left in the 2006 session, it's unlikely that abortion will become a flash point this year. But Florida lawmakers have been working for many years to undermine abortion rights. They scored a victory this month when the state Supreme Court partially upheld a 1997 law requiring doctors to give patients information about the medical risks of abortion before performing the procedure. But make no mistake. Florida lawmakers are facing the same high-pressure lobbying tactics from anti-abortion groups seen in other states. They should remember, however, that although abortion can be criminalized, it won't be stopped." "Back to the alley".

    Session News

    "Legislature 2006: Developments from day 35, April 10". See also "Today is Day 36 of the 60-day session of the Florida Legislature" and "Legislative briefs".

    "Gun bills running into trouble"

    NRA agenda

    Guns in parking lots. Guns in parks.

    A voter registration application with your hunting or fishing license?

    Prodded by the always influential National Rifle Association, some state lawmakers have this year set their sights on passing several proposals friendly to gun -- and fishing rod -- owners.

    Success might be a reasonable expectation. A year ago, the NRA got lawmakers to back a proposal known as the "Wild West" bill, which allows citizens to meet "force with force" if attacked in public.

    But, while some of this year's proposals have been hitting their targets and sailing through legislative vetting committees, others have run into trouble and have a long way to go before becoming law.
    "Gun bills running into trouble".

    On a related note, the Tampa Trib suggests that "Florida Should Take Another Look At 'Shoot The Avon Lady' Law"


    "State senator charged with misusing public money". See also "Senator charged with using staff for campaign".

    FDLE Meddler?

    "When the son of a high-ranking state employee faced the loss of his job for his role in a brawl, Dad did what dads do: He stepped in to help his son. But this wasn't just any father. It was Guy Tunnell, chief of the state's top law enforcement agency." "Did FDLE chief meddle?"

    AG Fundraising

    "Four of the five candidates in the state Attorney General's race had given some idea of their first-quarter fundraising long before reports were filed Monday." "4 candidates make gains".

    Poor Mel

    "Martinez agenda on immigration not selling well to Florida delegation".

    Chump Change

    Daddy's name apparently wasn't enough: "Gus Bilirakis will pay a filing fee to run for the congressional seat now held by his father, Mike Bilirakis, after failing to collect enough voter signatures to qualify by petition." "Bilirakis Will Pay To Run".

    Grover Knows Best

    Grover Norquist and the wingnuts at the Americans for Tax Reform, know what is best for Floridians:

    A national anti-tax group has joined the opposition to a proposal for a $2 surcharge on rental cars that would be earmarked for roads and other transportation projects.

    Americans for Tax Reform, a Washington, D.C.-based group headed by Republican stalwart Grover Norquist, sent a letter to state legislators in February and followed up this month with a television ad airing in Tallahassee.

    The proposal would require voters in each county to approve the surcharge by referendum, but the television spot does not mention that part of the bill. Instead, the ad presents the plan as a potential $150 million tax increase from Tallahassee.

    If approved by voters, the fee could raise $40 million annually for new roads and other transportation projects in Central Florida. Local lawmakers have tried for several years to get it and were optimistic this year because of more support from South Florida counties.
    "Tax foes target rental-car idea in televised ad".

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