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The Blog for Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mel, Ney and Abramoff

    Of course, "Bush's Mr. Cellophane" conveniently has "no recollection of any specific meeting".
    Federal prosecutors said in court documents this week that a Republican congressman allegedly working on behalf of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff targeted Sen. Mel Martinez in his influence efforts.

    Martinez was secretary of Housing and Urban Development when Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio, chairman of a housing subcommittee, met with Martinez in "early 2003" to "influence decisions and actions" for Abramoff's Native American clients, the court papers said.

    Martinez quit the HUD post that December to run for a Senate seat. Ken Lundberg, spokesman for Martinez, said the senator did not recall the meeting that is described vaguely in the court documents or any other meeting with Ney.

    "The senator has no recollection of any specific meeting" or request, Lundberg said.
    "Lobbying scandal records mention Martinez meeting".

    Painful Picture

    "Jeb!", Dubya and Representative B are pictured "together" here: "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

    Privatization Follies

    "A Democrat running for attorney general on Tuesday again called for an investigation whether the privacy of state workers was compromised when their personnel files were shipped to India in an outsourcing deal backed by Gov. Jeb Bush." "Inquiry urged into privatization".

    527 Muggings

    "By refusing to limit donations, the Legislature has accommodated a system that lets big money exert undue influence over voters through deceptive saturation advertising. Federal law allows scant scrutiny of '527' groups such as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and MoveOn.org. The Legislature's failure to take adequate action means that intricately woven, interdependent groups financed by deep-pocket contributors such as home builders and sugar growers, like those linked in Post stories to incoming Senate President Ken Pruitt, R-Port St. Lucie, will continue to plague Florida politics." "A more public mugging".

    How Rich Are They?

    "A federal judge in Tallahassee is expected to rule before Monday on a request by Book and other lobbyists to block enforcement of a new state law forcing them to disclose what they're paid to ply their trade with politicians." "Lobbyists fight to keep pay quiet".

    Lame DUck Offers His Two Cents

    "Bush participates in emerging issues forum".

    Klein Goes After Shaw

    "Democratic congressional candidate Ron Klein and surrogates of Republican U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw engaged in some oil wrestling Tuesday. Klein, a state senator from Boca Raton, stood beneath a bridge named for Shaw and accused the 13-term incumbent and President Bush of favoring the 'wants of Big Oil' over consumers squeezed by soaring gas prices." "Klein tussles with Shaw camp over oil".

    It Ain't Me

    "Board chairman: Blame hurricanes, not Citizens".

    Drug Testing

    "The new procedure, which include steroid testing, aims to clean up the department's image." "Corrections to start random drug tests of workers".

    Don't Count on a Veto

    "The names of those packing heat in Florida should not be a state secret. Yet the Legislature overreacted to a single incident and passed legislation that would mean concealed weapons permits are no longer public record. There is no justification for keeping the permits secret, and Gov. Jeb Bush should veto the bill." "Gun permits shouldn't be secret".

    Grad Rates

    "The state's universities want to improve their graduation rates." "Tracking grads".

    "Unfinished business"

    "Florida lawmakers took some welcome steps in their legislative session to spur the growth of high-wage jobs in the state. But in a year when billions more dollars flowed into state coffers, they could have -- and should have -- done more." "Unfinished business".

    Bush Demands Firing

    "In a sign of his unease with the Martin Lee Anderson case, Gov. Jeb Bush demanded that a sheriff fire a captain who supervised the boot camp where a boy allegedly was suffocated by guards." "Gov. asks for dismissal of camp's ex-supervisor".


    "Former U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum formally announced his bid for state attorney general Tuesday, setting up a four-candidate race to secure the Republican nomination. McCollum spent 20 years in the U.S. House, was a Navy judge advocate and was one of the congressional managers of the impeachment proceeding of former President Clinton. He says that gives him the statewide notoriety to push through the crowded primary and past the lone Democratic candidate." "McCollum to run for attorney general".

    "Former Longwood congressman Bill McCollum was endorsed Tuesday by Florida's Fraternal Order of Police in the crowded Republican primary for state attorney general." "McCollum Cops Endorsement". See also "McCollum Wears the FOP's Badge".


    "Florida Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher asked a judge Tuesday to let the state take full control of three troubled insurance providers which would allow for liquidation of the companies' assets to pay outstanding claims." "Gallagher asks judge to order Poe companies into liquidation".

    Ask A Teacher

    "A report released Tuesday by the Department of Education says -- for the first time -- that teacher salaries exceed the national average. But teacher representatives say the new calculations are a ploy manufactured to boost the recruiting effort." "Teachers dispute salary report".

    "The Worst President In History?" in Florida

    "Bush Stumps For Prescription Plan". See also "Bush visits Orlando to trumpet Rx plan".

    He wasn't alone: "Protesters rally outside private fundraiser attended by Bush".

    Land Deal Off

    "A Bush administration proposal to sell almost 1,000 acres in the Ocala National Forest is dead, according to U.S. Rep. Ric Keller and environmentalists who blasted the idea as a shortsighted solution to raise money for rural counties." "Land sale in forest is off, Keller says".

    "Jeb!" Strides World Stage

    "Governor sets 2nd trip to Haiti".

    Love For Sale

    Back at it:

    Invitations are already going out for a Republican Party of Florida fishing tournament June 8-10 at the Ocean Reef Club resort in Key Largo. Potential contributors, who are instructed to don "neat boating and casual wear," can troll the Atlantic Ocean alongside the likes of House Speaker Allan Bense and his slated successors, Marco Rubio, Ray Sansom and Winter Park's own Dean Cannon.

    Just a few days later, the three speaker-designates are slated to host a Tallahassee fundraiser for nine of their colleagues, including Republican Reps. Sheri McInvale of Orlando, Pat Patterson of DeLand and John Quinones of Kissimmee.
    "Gone Fishin'".

    Harris Watch

    "It's becoming apparent that the GOP machine would rev up full tilt behind much favored lawmaker Allan Bense." "As filing deadline looms, Republicans look to Bense"

    See also this inaptly titled piece, "Bense would have not-so-secret weapon in race against Harris", is about how difficult it is for panhandle politicians to win statewide races in Florida.

    Good Luck

    "FPL's request to recoup hurricane repair costs from its customers should be reduced, the staff of the Public Service Commission recommended." "Regulators: FPL request is too high".

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