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The Blog for Friday, June 02, 2006

527s Unchanged

    "The Federal Election Commission will not adopt new rules governing the independent political groups that played a major role in the 2004 presidential campaign, freeing them to raise and spend unlimited sums of money during this year's midterm elections." "FEC Opts Against New Rules For '527' Groups".

    The Best They Could Do?

    Another reason Harris sin't particularly worried about the primary:

    McBride has dubbed his bus tour the "Pick Up The Towel" tour.

    "For the past few months all I have heard is that the Republicans have thrown in the towel because the pundits say Bill Nelson can’t be defeated,” McBride said in a statement issued by his campaign. “But I’ve seen the numbers and I know I can win, so I am here to pick up the towel and provide Floridians a real choice this November."
    "Pick Up The Towel".

    "Jeb!" Blows His Top

    "Gov. Jeb Bush didn't think much Jim Davis' demand that he ask Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Alan Levine to resign, because Levine has applied for a job with a hospital district that AHCA helps regulate." "Bush: Davis is on 'Thin Ice'". See also "Davis draws Bush's wrath" and "Chief health official criticized".

    See yesterday's "Health regulator seeks big-money job as hospital district chief".


    "The ex-Florida House speaker has too much influence over the Alzheimer's research facility, lawmakers say. Others disagree." "State wants less Byrd in center".

    Backup Power

    "Hundreds of gas stations must have access to generators and be able to quickly get the pumps, freezers and credit card machines running after a hurricane under legislation Gov. Jeb Bush signed Thursday." "Backup power bill signed".

    GOoPers Open An Office

    "State GOP leaders determined to keep electing Republicans opened a grass roots campaign office Thursday in Tampa, the first of 40 state campaign offices to be opened across Florida between now and election day." "GOP opens field office in Tampa".


    "Floridians will get another back-to-school sales tax holiday during nine days in late July under a bill that Gov. Jeb Bush signed into law Thursday." "Another sales tax holiday slated for late July".

    GOoPer Slams Smith

    Smith must be doing something right, with Florida GOoPer boss Carol Jean Jordan penning this tripe: "GOP Chair: Smith 'Toed' Democrat’s Misguided Line".

    Love For Sale

    Our green Governor:

    Gov. Jeb Bush and the Cabinet [Wednesday] unanimously approved a plan to help Volusia County homebuilder Mori Hosseini finance a development on a 450-acre swath of hickory hammocks and slash pines.
    What could motivated Jebbie, Charlie and Tom?
    Hosseini, the CEO of ICI Homes, is a powerful figure in state politics.He was a "Ranger" for President Bush -- the governor's brother -- during his 2004 re-election campaign, meaning Hosseini raised at least $200,000 for him. This election cycle, meanwhile, Hosseini and companies linked to him have given more than $10,000 each to Crist and Gallagher in their campaigns for governor.
    "The Intersection of Money and Politics".

    Dirty Water

    "In a move that could directly affect water quality in Lake Okeechobee, the Bush administration said Thursday that it plans to allow water managers to transfer water from one place to another without requiring it to meet certain environmental standards." "EPA to allow unfettered water transfers". See also "Water rule pleases managers, irks others".

    "Puny" Response To "Housing Crisis"

    "While lawmakers touted the spending, some advocates said the amount spent compared to the money available is puny. Nearly $940-million was available for appropriation in state housing trust funds, but lawmakers spent only $433-million. Last year, they spent $10-million more than that. 'I think it's an inexplicable outcome at a time of unprecedented housing crisis,' said Jamie Ross, an affordable housing advocate with the nonprofit 1000 Friends of Florida organization." "Affordable housing".


    "A prominent real estate developer who loaned $20,000 to Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne through Jenne's longtime secretary wrote off the loan as a bad debt on his 2004 tax filing, the builder's attorney said Thursday. Philip Procacci amended his tax filing after the debt was repaid -- but late and without all the interest outlined in the loan documents -- in summer 2005, said Procacci's lawyer, Edward O'Donnell Jr." "Developer wrote off $20,000 loan to Broward sheriff as bad debt".

    No Thanks

    "Bush, who grew up in Texas before moving to Florida, advised Floridians to assume some of his home state’s Texas 'swagger' as he counseled residents to take pride in getting ready for hurricanes." "Because We're Floridians Darn It".

    Suing Insurance Companies

    "It may be called no-fault, but car crash victims who sue insurance companies over personal injury coverage and lose can be required to pay the insurers' legal fees in some cases, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday." "Suing an insurer can become costly".

    "Bill allows end-run to avoid local review"

    A bill would let charter schools to bypass local school board oversight; this, even though

    One-third of the state's charter schools are doing a poor job of educating students. Nearly 30 percent ended the 2002-2003 school year with fiscal deficits. Almost half failed to meet minimal reporting standards.

    These statistics -- from a 2005 accountability report and a 2004 Auditor General's review -- paint a grim picture of Florida's grand charter-school experiment. There are successful exceptions, among them the Reading Edge Academy in DeBary and the Chiles Academy in Port Orange. But it should be obvious that the state's rules for starting a charter school are too lax.
    "Charter school veto".

    "Strikingly Similar Platforms

    "With strikingly similar platforms, two Democratic candidates for Florida governor are campaigning far in advance of the Sept. 5 primary." "2 Democrats on common ground".

    "Saving manatees"

    "Bringing scientific certainty to listings of imperiled species and writing specific recovery plans make sense. But they cannot turn out to be false promises that lead to a decline in manatees. Floridians would quickly see through such a farce, and they won't stand for it." "Saving manatees".

    "Jeb!" v. Riviera Beach

    "Bush has questioned the legality of Riviera Beach's effort to get around a state restriction against the power to condemn for private redevelopment projects by executing a contract before he signed it into law." "Bush questions Riviera eminent domain plans". See also "Gov. Bush bashes Riviera Beach efforts to condemn for private projects", "Bush fires salvo in state battle with Riviera".

    Davis Steps Up Attacks

    "As promised, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis has continued his weeklong critique of Rod Smith's record on labor issues. Today's statement: 'In 2001 and then again in 2002, Smith voted to eliminate the Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security.'" "Davis v. Smith, part III".

    Expect an Appeal

    "Judge: It's unconstitutional to make students stand for pledge". See also "Judge rules pledge law violates Constitution".

    Point of Information: U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp is a Reagan appointee.

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