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The Blog for Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Harris A Target In Criminal Investigation?

    "Political consultant Ed Rollins confirmed Monday that Justice Department lawyers and FBI agents recently questioned him for two hours in Washington. He said the discussion focused on Harris' dealings with Mitchell Wade, a defense contractor who funneled $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions to Harris and also bribed a former California congressman. ... Though Harris' connection to Wade is well-established, word of Rollins' interview is the most public indication that federal authorities may be targeting the Republican congresswoman from Longboat Key." "Feds query ex-adviser on Harris".

    Might "Representative B" be indicted shortly before the primary?

    Negron Out

    "State Rep. Joe Negron dropped out of the race for attorney general on Monday, effectively handing the Republican nomination for the post to former U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum."

    Negron, of Stuart, is the third Republican to abandon the attorney general's race in a month, including Treasure Island state Rep. Everett Rice. All said they were overwhelmed by McCollum's high statewide name recognition.

    McCollum, who ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2000 and 2004, will probably face Democrat Walter "Skip" Campbell, a Broward County state senator, in November. Campbell is running unopposed for his party's nomination.

    Negron's announcement, on the first day candidates could qualify for the ballot, surprised McCollum, Campbell and political observers.
    "Race for attorney general is already down to two". See also "One republican left in race for state attorney general", "Negron quits attorney general's race" and "Negron quits attorney general race".

    Democrats Qualify

    "Both Democratic candidates for governor formally qualified Monday, turning the occasion into a mini rally as the Tallahassee press corps looked on. Republicans Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher plan lower-key announcements as early as today." "Democrats officially in governor race". See also "Campaigns begin officially as candidates qualify", "Davis, Smith file, address campaign differences".

    Poor Mel

    "A group called Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund began airing a radio ad in Orlando today questionning Sen. Mel Martinez’s commitment to Florida’s beaches and tourism industry." "Ads criticize Martinez".


    "The announcement comes the same week Harris lost much of her core campaign staff for the second time since getting in the race last summer. Her campaign manager, Glenn Hodas, resigned after three months on the job, saying Harris was uncontrollable. Hodas said Harris "hasn't kept any of her promises," about her behavior, including those "not to have tantrums, not to berate staff, not to micromanage and nitpick, and not to get flustered on inconsequential details," the Palm Beach Post reported." "Harris Retracts Donation To Fix House".

    Dem Debate

    "The Florida Democratic Party today announced final plans for its Jefferson-Jackson weekend in Fort Lauderdale. Taking center stage is an hourlong televised debate between Jim Davis and Rod Smith." " Round 1 - Davis and Smith debate".

    In the meantime, "They quickly made it clear there will be much bickering between now and then. Immediately after officially entering the governor's race, they attacked each other's stances on environmental issues and punched holes in each other's plans to make homeowners insurance more affordable." "Democrats snipe as race begins".

    Ruth on Harris

    "Because of Harris' self-inflicted wounds, what began as a long-shot quixotic quest for the U.S. Senate quickly degenerated into a national punch line that has devolved into a sort of twitching animal one cannot resist poking with a stick." "It's Never Too Late For Dignity".


    "The personal, intra-Republican fight between a Punta Gorda lawmaker and a Palm Beach political consultant flared up again last week with a direct mail attack hitting Charlotte and Lee county mailboxes." "Mailed fliers target politician again".

    Harris Home

    "Harris home after surgery for mass on ovary". See also "Harris' Prognosis Positive After Surgery" and "Harris campaign solicits sympathy cards".

    To Replace Harris

    "Longboat Key businessman Vern Buchanan dropped $250,000 of his own money into the race for Congress and is likely to put even more of her personal fortune into the race. Campaign finance disclosure reports released this week show the Republican was far ahead of his four Republican opponents in fundraising but still put in the donation." "Buchanan uses his own money to fund campaign".

    Same Old, Same Old

    "Local and statewide federal incumbents far out-raised their challengers in the past three months, according to campaign-finance reports filed this weekend." "Incumbents winning battle for funds".

    Smith on Tour

    "The least-known of the four major candidates for governor, state Sen. Rod Smith, will begin a statewide bus tour today from Pensacola to Miami." "Democrat Smith to kick off state bus tour today".


    "As a consequence of the commission's irresponsible decision, more insurers could drop at-risk Panhandle customers, leaving them to the state's insurer of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance. A devastating hurricane in the area could yet again put Citizens in the red as happened after our state's intense hurricane activity over the last two years. In that case, just as in 2005, Citizens would need a bailout from taxpayers and Citizens' other customers in the rest of the state." "Building group must take off blinders".

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