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The Blog for Monday, August 28, 2006

Survey USA: Crist leads Gallagher 60-29

    The latest poll:
    - "Crist 2:1 Atop Gallagher in FL GOP Governor Primary: In a Republican Primary for Governor of Florida today, 8/24/06, Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist wins the nomination, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WFLA-TV Tampa, WKRG-TV Pensacola, WPTV-TV West Palm Beach, and WTLV-TV Jacksonville. 12 days from the 9/5/06 Primary, Crist defeats Florida CFO Tom Gallagher 60% to 31%. Since an identical SurveyUSA poll 7/11/06, Crist is flat, Gallagher is up 8 points. Crist leads among all demographic groups. Gallagher does relatively best among voters with a college degree, and in Southeastern FL."

    - "Harris Below 50% ... But Still 2:1 Atop Challengers for GOP Senate Nomination: In a Republican Primary for United States Senator from Florida today, 8/24/06, Congresswoman Katherine Harris wins the nomination, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WFLA-TV Tampa, WKRG-TV Pensacola, WPTV-TV West Palm Beach, and WTLV-TV Jacksonville. Harris gets 43% of the vote, down 8 points in the past 6 weeks. LeRoy Collins gets 20%, up 12 points. Will McBride gets 15%, up 1 point but dropping to 3rd place behind Collins. Peter Monroe gets 7%, up 4 points. Harris beats Collins by 30 points among Republican Primary voters who approve of the way President George W. Bush is doing his job. Harris trails by 1 point among Republican Primary voters who disapprove of the job President Bush is doing. The Primary is in 12 days, on 9/5/06."
    "The Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #10073" ("2,200 Florida adults were interviewed 8/21/06 - 8/23/06. Of them, 1,908 were registered to vote. Of them, 758 were Republicans. Of them, 432 were judged to be "likely voters." Crosstabs reflect Likely Republican Primary Voters.")

    Dem Race

    See "Smith, Davis court voters by touring churches", "Democratic candidates for governor return to South Florida to mine votes" and "Davis discusses 'bad vote' with black voters" ("Jim Davis, Democratic primary candidate for governor, reached out to black voters on the campaign trail in Miami.")

    Rallying Wingnuts

    WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah:

    The leading Republican candidate, Attorney General Charlie Crist, currently ahead in polls by some 20 points, played an instrumental role in the official neglect that snuffed out the life of Terri Schiavo.

    I can tell you many Republican voters and activists have already forgotten Crist's role. Some "conservative" media outlets have gone so far as to endorse Crist.

    Let me remind you about Crist's role in the dehydration death of Terri Schiavo.
    "Florida voters: Don't forget Terri!".


    "The definition of an "individual" allows donors to go beyond the limit of $500 per contributor per candidate."

    From county commission candidates to the marquee candidates for governor, the principle is the same. An individual can give only $500, but an "individual" can be any one of a number of corporate entities. Lobbyists, businesses and unions funnel hard-to-track cash through branches, divisions and partnerships run by the same people.

    The loophole allows candidates to take thousands of dollars, sometimes more than $20,000 in a day, from what amounts to a single source.
    "Deep pockets use loophole for donations".

    Samm Simpson

    The Florida Progressive Coalition's interviews Samm Simpson.

    Special Session

    "Wracked by skyrocketing insurance premiums or no insurance at all, it appears disgruntled voters may prompt lawmakers to address the need for property insurance reform before the year is out. It seems only a question of when." "Michael Peltier: Bush may call special session to address property insurance".

    The Miami Herald notes that "when the Legislature met earlier this year, Florida's insurance market -- including state-backed Citizens Property Insurance -- already had been battered by eight hurricanes in 15 months. Yet lawmakers waited until the last minutes of the session to pass an insurance bill that provided stop-gap relief, but no substantive solutions. Then, the reinsurance crisis started chasing commercial insurers out of the state." "Floridians are hurting".

    On a separate note: "Flood insurance requests surge".

    Calendar it

    "Monday it's Republicans Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher. Tuesday it's Democrats Jim Davis and Rod Smith." "Governor candidates debate this week".


    "In newspaper editorials Sunday, Monroe and LeRoy Collins split the Florida Times Union in Jacksonville (Here) and Will McBride received the nod from his hometown paper, the Orlando Sentinel. (Here)". "Endorsements". See also "McBride: Harris' Comments Not Christian Values".

    No Thanks

    Jeremy Wallace observes that "normally, when sitting members of Congress vacate their seat, there is a hearty competition to see who will get anointed as the heir apparent. But with Harris more than 30 points behind Sen. Bill Nelson in most public polling in her sputtering bid for a U.S. Senate seat, the candidates seeking to replace her in the U.S. House have passed up asking Harris for help."

    "Jeb Card"

    "Across Florida, Republicans are playing the so-called Jeb card, while Democrats are disparaging his eight-year performance." "Bush's legacy driving issues".

    Johnson Gets One

    "State Rep. Randy Johnson has picked up the endorsement of the Florida Times Union in his bid for the Republican nomination for Chief Financial Officer on Sept. 5. The Jacksonville-based newspaper gave Johnson its blessing for CFO on Sunday." "More endorsements".

    Charlotte County

    "Campaign donations fill candidates' coffers".

    FCAT Follies

    This is not a joke: "Even as school officials and child advocates have urged the state to extend the hours, toughen teacher standards and provide buses, state officials have declared the first year of the voter-approved voluntary pre-K program a success. Now, the Florida Department of Education plans to 'confirm' that success by a standardized test - given in kindergarten. ... A better assessment would screen pre-kindergartners at the beginning of the program and at the end. A diagnostic tool (instead of a punitive, after-the-fact hammer) would help teachers better prepare children for kindergarten." "Next, the kiddie FCAT".

    Sure To Be A Hot GOP Issue

    "Group wants Confederate plate available to all in Fla."


    Alex Villalobos

    is fighting for his political life, after 14 years in the state Legislature, with six as senator of West Dade District 38. His rival in the Republican primary is Miami-Dade County School Board member Frank Bolanos.

    The race is among the hottest in the state. Villalobos has raised $394,177, and he has spent $324,914 so far. Bolanos, tapping into Gov. Jeb Bush's fundraising base, has garnered $367,875 for his race and has spent $231,806 through Aug. 11.

    Since this is such a tight race, the Watchdog Report obtained the two candidates' recent financial disclosure forms from the Florida Ethics Commission.
    "Rivals in hot Senate race are close in finances, too".

    Air War

    "For days now, the four major Democrats and Republicans looking to grab their parties' nominations for governor have been lighting up Florida's television airwaves with explosive exchanges in a last-ditch drive to pull voters to their side." "Gubernatorial hopefuls turn up heat in TV ads".

    CD 17

    "Political novice takes on 2-term incumbent Meek". See generally "U.S. Representative District 17".

    Treasure Coast GOP Treasure

    "Treasure Coast political activists have been very generous to the campaign treasuries of the two leading Republican candidates for governor. Tom Gallagher, Florida's chief financial officer, raised more than $206,900 on the Treasure Coast, topping $92,000 in Indian River County alone. All told, Treasure Coast residents and businesses have given Gallagher about 2 percent of his war chest. Meanwhile, Charlie Crist, Florida's attorney general, collected an estimated $50,000 at a fundraiser Friday night at Martin County's Sailfish Point Clubhouse, a top supporter said. That's on top of the $93,750 Crist had already garnered from the Treasure Coast." "Treasure Coast opens wallet for GOP candidates".

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