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The Blog for Friday, June 08, 2007

Bush Pool Boy ...

    or immigrant rights warrior? Why is Mel plummeting in the polls?
    The survey by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute says 37 percent of those polled view Martinez favorably -- his ''lowest score ever.'' The Republican senator, who was elected in 2004, scored his highest approval rating of 48 percent in February.

    Martinez fared better than Bush, whose 32 percent approval rating was his lowest ever in Florida, according to the survey.
    "Martinez shrugs off criticism and poll figures to focus on bill". The Orlando Sentinel's explanation is less than surprising: "Immigrant bill hurts Martinez in polls". But buried deep in the Sentinel story is an explanation that may be closer to the truth:
    Immigration may not be the only issue hurting Martinez's popularity, said Aubrey Jewett, associate professor of political science at the University of Central Florida. Martinez took over the general chairmanship of the Republican National Committee this year, a partisan post that may alienate some Democrats, especially as it links Martinez to an unpopular president.

    President Bush is wildly unpopular among Democrats in Florida -- only 6 percent of those polled approved of the way he is doing his job. His overall approval rating is 32 percent.
    Mel is and always has been a do nothing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bushco; could it be that Floridians are waking up to that fact?

    In the meantime, "Florida's other senator, Democrat Bill Nelson had a 47 percent approval rating among those polled while 21 disapproved of the job he's doing." "Martinez Approval Ratings".

    Details Today

    "Lawmakers are expecting today to get the next key puzzle piece to solving the state’s property tax woes. House and Senate leaders are expected to announce formulas that will detail how far they will order local governments to roll back taxes and then cap increases tied to personal income growth." "Lawmakers hope to make headway with property tax". See also "State legislators at a loss for details as tax-cut special session nears" and "Key Part of Property Tax Deal Expected Friday".

    The Orlando Sentinel editorial board observes that "it's not surprising lawmakers are having a tough time exorcising the devil in the details of property-tax reform. After all, these folks have spent the better part of a year ratcheting up political rhetoric." "Play fair on taxes". See also "Tax system readjusting as state starts tinkering".

    Good time Charlie remains oblivious: "Ask The Governor: Snowbirds should get tax break, too".


    "A delegation from Broward County's real estate industry implored state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, on Thursday to push for the deepest possible property tax cuts during next week's special legislative session." "Large tax cuts needed to revive housing market, Broward real estate agents say".


    "One of Florida's top Democrats, U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, has told Hillary Clinton's campaign that he will support her for the party's presidential nomination." "Clinton wins endorsement of Rep. Meek". See also "Wasserman Shultz, Hastings endorse Hillary".

    Social Investing

    "A measure banning Florida state government pension funds from investing in companies that do business in Iran's oil sector and Sudan gets signed into law today." "Crist to sign bill banning funds tied to Iran, Sudan".


    A Florida thing:

    A Florida evangelist shrugged off claims Thursday that he is illegally mixing religion and politics by telling followers that a vote for Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney "is a vote for Satan."

    A watchdog group, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, hand-delivered a letter to the Internal Revenue Service last week asking for an investigation of St. Petersburg-based evangelist Bill Keller, who has used his online columns and late night TV show to assert that Romney is not a Christian because he belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    "Evangelist Rips Romney".

    Crook Consort Weighs in

    "A day after Rep. Vern Buchanan had an opinion piece published in the Herald-Tribune opposing newly proposed immigration reform, former Gov. Jeb Bush was part of a coalition of Republicans having a contrary view published on the same topic in another newspaper." "Jeb, Buchanan submit dueling views on immigration". Meanwhile, Jebbie consorts with crooks; see "'Jeb!' and the Fraudsters".

    Gallagher Gets A Pass

    "A stock-trading ethics case that hobbled Tom Gallagher's campaign for governor last year is expected to be dismissed in his favor today by the Commission on Ethics." "Panel likely to drop Gallagher ethics case".

    FCAT Fiasco

    "Florida's annual A-to-F school grades will be released later than usual this year because of the mishap with the 2006 third-grade FCAT scores, officials said Thursday. The Florida Department of Education wants to re-score last year's third-grade reading test because it thinks scores were artificially high because the test was too easy." "State delays release of FCAT grades".

    "Loose Cannon"?

    "Democrats are outdoing themselves this year in their longstanding tradition of finding ways to lose elections they ought to win. But a maverick in the Florida party has proposed what he says is a way out of the ridiculous dilemma in which the party has planted itself regarding the 2008 Florida primary. The modest proposal comes from state Democratic Party Vice Chairman Jon Ausman, long known as something of a loose cannon." "Could The Democrats Have Their Cake AND Eat It?".


    "The Mitt Romney campaign today named its "National Hispanic Steering Committee," which includes a bunch of Floridians". "Hispanics for Mitt". In the meantime, "Maybe Jeb really is neutral".

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