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The Blog for Friday, November 16, 2007

Allen dodges his own bullet

    "State Rep. Bob Allen avoided jail time at his sentencing Thursday but can no longer visit the Titusville park that he played a major role in creating but which also served as the backdrop of his conviction for solicitation. Allen appealed for leniency, citing the mockery he's endured since his July 11 arrest and his conviction last week on the misdemeanor charge. ... Allen also must complete an HIV awareness class and undergo testing for sexually transmitted diseases." And, in one one of the most ironic passages to appear in newsprint, we read that State Representative and erstwhile GOPer politician Bob Allen
    "is not a person who makes his living from prostitution," [Assistant State Attorney Pat] Whitaker said.
    "Allen gets fine, probation, banned from park". See also "Allen avoids jail time at sentencing Gets barred from park where he was arrested".

    Looks like Allen dodged a bullet with that misdemeanor sentence - his own bullet: "". Allen co-sponsored a bill months before his arrest that would have increased public sex charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. The proposed bill addressed "unnatural and lascivious acts or exposure or exhibition of sexual organs" within 1,000 feet of a park, school or child care facility. "Rep. Allen gets probation for soliciting prostitution".

    "The Scopes trial should have settled the issue" ... except in Florida

    "The change that's attracting the most attention would require students to learn about evolution as part of an effort to beef up Florida science standards and create a competitive workforce for the 21st century."

    The subject has been contentious for years, called into the public consciousness in 1925 by the "Scopes Monkey Trial," in which a Tennessee teacher was charged with violating the law by teaching evolution.

    Dave Finnigan, an educational consultant who lives in Celebration, said the Scopes trial should have settled the issue.
    "New science rule sparks the evolution debate anew".


    "A new poll shows 56 percent of voters support the Legislature's property tax cut plan that will be on the Jan. 29 ballot." "Poll finds 56% for amendment".

    "The telephone survey of 700 registered voters was conducted Monday through Wednesday and has a margin of error of 3.8 percentage points." "Poll: Florida property-tax cut falls short of 60%". See also "Poll: Not enough voter support to pass tax relief".

    Florida's booming economy

    "Prices for consumer goods in South Florida are rising at a rate faster than in any metropolitan area in the nation. Again." "S. Fla.'s 5.1% inflation rate outpaces rest of U.S.".

    Sales tax redux

    "A powerful statewide panel on Friday will tackle anew the old question of whether to ease the property tax burden by shifting some of it to the sales tax, and taxing goods and services that are now tax-free." "An old idea is new again". More: "Former Senate president pushes tax reform". See the draft report in .pdf


    This morning: "Jenne arrives at federal courthouse for sentencing".


    "Is the state's deal to expand gambling at casinos owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida a jackpot or a bust for taxpayers? Indian gaming experts say that considering their weak bargaining position, state officials cut a fair deal that should pay off if the tribe aggressively expands its casinos." "Experts: Gaming deal is a winner". See also "Other gambling outfits worried about Seminoles gaming deal". More: "A history of tribal gaming" and "What's legal, what's not".

    "Lobbyist swarm" . . . yuck

    "More than 30 lobbyists have gotten involved in a lucrative and much-delayed recycling contract." "Lobbyist swarm shapes bid process for Dade recycling".

    "Sixth borough"

    "Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is pinning his candidacy on Florida's reputation as New York City's "sixth borough," making his 19th campaign visit this year Thursday to the delegate-rich state that he needs to maintain as a key stronghold." "Giuliani visits Florida again, pinning hopes on 'sixth borough'". Rudy takes on the tuff crowd at a GOPer cesspool The Villages, after which he will "woo NASCAR fans at the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway." "Florida is essential for Giuliani's hopes".

    Buddy to get busy

    "Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer on Thursday got a campaign opponent -- and the threat of a lawsuit."

    His old rival, Ken Mulvaney, has formally entered the 2008 mayor's race, which voters will decide Jan. 29. Another would-be candidate, Tim Adams, said he is prepared to sue the city to make it a three-way race after officials declared him ineligible because he can't prove his Orlando residency.

    Either way, Dyer won't skate into another four years in office without a fight.
    "2004 foe to take on Dyer again".


    The Orlando Sentinel editors: "Local elections may not be as engaging as statewide or national races, but that doesn't make them unimportant. The winners wind up making decisions on taxes, public safety, growth and development, and other critical issues. Those powers deserve a mandate from more than a thin slice of the population." "Where are the voters?".

    Happy man

    "Gov. Crist 'very happy' about Orlando Utilities Commission halting coal-plant deal".

    The poor thing ...

    "The Florida Supreme Court recently disbarred attorney Angelo Cappelli, 37, a former Republican state House candidate from St. Petersburg who is facing charges of grand theft and perjury." "High court disbars former candidate".


    The Palm Beach Post editors: "President Frank Brogan's indefensible secret deal with Florida Atlantic University's former chief fund-raiser is not a firing offense. But failing even to mention the deal Tuesday during Mr. Brogan's annual evaluation ought to be a firing offense for the FAU trustees." "Brogan's non-evaluation".

    "'The first African-American governor of Florida'"

    "Hailed as "

    "the first African-American governor of Florida," Gov. Charlie Crist told a largely black audience Thursday he is "honored" to use his power to settle the Martin Lee Anderson civil case, restore civil rights of ex-convicts and reconsider the use of standardized testing in schools.

    Crist also told a gathering of minority business owners that — despite budget cuts that are taking six jobs out of the state's Office of Supplier Diversity — his administration is committed to carving a bigger slice of state government's economic pie for historically disadvantaged firms.
    "Crist administration committed to utilizing minority vendors".

    'Ya think?

    "It's an expensive mistake to create a parallel charter school approval process".

    "Even in Texas"

    The Miami Herald editorial board: "For weeks, a de facto moratorium has existed on Death Row executions across the nation. The reprieve granted Thursday to Florida inmate Mark Dean Schwab is the fourth stay issued by the U.S. Supreme Court while it ponders a case challenging the use of the same lethal-drug combination administered in Florida. State officials should have known the court would block the execution, but chose to ignore the obvious in a wrongheaded effort to carry out Schwab's death sentence."

    "Even in Texas, which leads the nation in executions, at least two scheduled death sentences have been put on hold voluntarily until the Supreme Court issues its ruling. 'It seems the common-sense thing to do at this point,' said a prosecutor in Houston. Indeed it does. It's too bad common sense was so obviously lacking in Tallahassee." "No rush to execute"

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