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The Blog for Saturday, December 22, 2007

Big of 'em

    It seems, "late Friday, Browning said he'd issue instructions to county elections supervisors on how to comply with U.S. District Judge Stephan Mickle's instruction. He also said anyone who has tried to register since the anti-fraud law took effect and been rejected because of it will now have their application reprocessed."

    "Anyone who properly filled out a voter registration form will be able to vote even if the Social Security or driver license number on the application can't be matched with government databases, the state's top elections official said Friday." "State will register some voters turned away by anti-fraud measure". See also "Voters' rights will be restored by primary". An earlier story: "Voter matching intact while appeal looms".


    "State workers have moved too slowly in rescinding the gun licenses of people arrested or convicted of crimes in many cases sampled by outside auditors, according to a critical review of Florida's concealed weapons program."

    As a result, the newly released report by Florida's Auditor General states that there is "an increased risk that unqualified persons may remain licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm."

    The report raises questions about how effective the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has been in administering Florida's system of licensing people to carry handguns and other weapons, concealed for self-defense purposes. More than 468,000 people hold such licenses.
    "Audit criticizes Florida's concealed weapons program".

    FCAT Follies

    "Florida's all-important test for public-school students is losing popularity, results of a new survey released Friday indicate."

    A majority of state residents don't think the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test is an accurate measure of what kids learn in school, according to the poll by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.

    Overall, 52 percent said the "FCAT is not necessary," while 39 percent stood behind the decade-old test that has become the standard for evaluating Florida schools as well as students.
    Floridians continue to recognize the folly of "Jeb!"'s education "policy":
    It was the second year for the survey and the second time the FCAT question had been asked. Last year, 48 percent found the FCAT unnecessary.

    Pollster [Brad Coker, a partner in the Washington firm that conducted the survey] said it was significant that a majority now feel that way. That could reflect both public and political opinion, and could portend changes in the law, he indicated.

    Coker said the FCAT was the centerpiece of education reforms during Jeb Bush's two terms as governor, but now that Bush is gone, support may be waning.
    "Survey: FCAT loses support of majority".

    Next thing you know ...

    ... they will be teaching education in our public schools.

    "Bringing the Max Planck Society to Florida is "a big deal ... a really big deal," Gov. Crist said Tuesday. He's right. Really right." "Commitment to Planck, commitment by Planck". See also "" and "".

    Not half bad

    "The part of the Florida's embattled investment fund for local governments that remains open received the best possible rating Friday from Standard & Poor's."

    The rating, which was sought earlier this month by the State Board of Administration's trustees, could restore some faith in the investment pool, which had to be shut down for a week in November after a run on the fund. The run was caused by fears over the quality of certain investments in the pool that were tied to mortgages.
    "'Good' part of state investment pool gets top S&P rating".

    The Holidays ...

    ... in Florida: "Police Taser holiday shopper", "Police say girl and mom were taken to ATM before killings", "Authorities: Boy threw football at pregnant teen, baby died" and "Angry driver shoots mother with toddler in 'road rage' incident".


    "Brown-Waite wants facts on Haley care".

    While Jebbie cut taxes on the folks who take ski trips out West, ...

    ... Florida's park systems fell into decline:

    "State and local leaders suffered sticker shock on seeing the $10.5 billion price tag attached to the needs of Florida's local parks. But policymakers should remember this: Parks are a smart investment. Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector of tourism, attracting more and more visitors to Florida. A study last year found state parks pump nearly $1 billion into local economies each year. This is direct impact, money spent by park operations and out-of-town visitors. At the same time, natural lands serve the public in others ways, storing and filtering water, recharging the aquifer, sustaining wildlife and helping communities avert growth problems." "Florida Leaders Must Confront Backlog Of Local Park Needs".

    "Not so fast"

    "Regional counsels open for business," 'the Florida Bar News Dec. 15 headline read."

    Not so fast.

    Late Thursday, a Leon County judge struck down the law that allowed Gov. Charlie Crist to appoint five men to take over conflict-of-interest cases from public defenders' offices.

    Circuit Judge P. Kevin Davey ruled the regional counsels are essentially public defenders and should be elected, not appointed. He said the law, touted as a cost-saving measure when it passed this year, "amounts to an attempt to amend the Constitution by legislative fiat."
    "Counsels need to be elected".

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