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The Blog for Thursday, June 05, 2008

Earth to McSame ...

    Earth to McBush ...
    Charlie Crist may not yet have a full gubernatorial term under his belt, but Sen. John McCain said Wednesday that Crist has enough experience to be vice president.
    "Sen. McCain says Gov. Crist has enough experience to be Vice President". See also "McCain: Crist could be veep".

    That's the ticket

    Tamara Lytle: "Barack Obama lost to Hillary Clinton by 17 percentage points in Florida's Jan. 29 primary — and he has trailed John McCain by close to 10 points in statewide polls. Here's what he has to do to win the Sunshine State:"

    - "Woo Clinton supporters. The best way to do that, says Clinton backer Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston, is to pick the New York senator as his running mate."

    - "Hablar más español. Fully 1.1million of the state's 10.2million voters are Hispanic."

    - "Focus on the I-4 corridor. The Tampa-to-Daytona corridor is home to 43 percent of the state's voters, with a disproportionate share of independents."

    - "Work on sounding older. In a matchup with 71-year-old McCain, 46-year-old Obama is a whippersnapper."

    - "Turn out the base. Obama should pile up huge margins among Florida's 1.1 million black voters."
    "What would it take for Obama to carry Florida".


    "Democrat Barack Obama's presidential campaign today signaled their intention to compete in Florida as supporters tried to use Republican candidate John McCain's opposition to a national catastrophic insurance plan to tie him to an unpopular president."

    The effort included a 97-second YouTube video released from the Florida Democratic Party this morning and an afternoon conference call with lawmakers in the U.S. and state Houses. The press call happened moments before McCain was scheduled to speak at an Orlando convention of Florida newspaper editors.

    U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton , author of the national catastrophe plan, said McCain "is more interested in standing with the president and less interested in helping families in Florida and the United States."
    "Florida Democrats release web video blasting McCain".

    Time to film that GOPer in a canoe ad

    "Using the Everglades as a backdrop, Republican presidential candidate John McCain plans to continue his effort to position himself as an independent thinker different from President Bush."

    The Glades appearance Friday will come at the end of a week in which he delivered a prime-time speech contrasting himself both with the presumed Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, and the Republican president he hopes to succeed.

    It will come the week before the McCain campaign plans to emphasize energy policy, and campaign spokesman Jeff Sadosky said the Everglades event would combine the issues.

    With Gov. Charlie Crist at his side for the Everglades event, Sadosky said, McCain plans to "talk about his vision for fulfilling America's energy needs and also keeping that in balance with the goal for a cleaner environment."
    "McCain to speak about environment as he visits Everglades". See also "McCain to visit Everglades to seek support of independents, Floridians".

    After "The Shameful Irony of McCain's New Orleans Speech", "McCain, who will venture into the Everglades for the first time as a presidential candidate Friday, on Thursday defended his opposition last year to spending $2 billion on restoring the park." "McCain defends opposition to 2007 Glades bill". See also "McCain defends position on Florida measures".

    Brevard questions

    "With the Democratic presidential nomination question resolved nearly three months before the Democratic National Convention, two key questions remained on the minds of Brevard County voters. Will Sen. Barack Obama choose former first lady and adversary Hillary Clinton as his running mate? And are the American people ready to vote for a president of color?" "Brevard debates Obama's VP ticket".

    At Johnson's Diner

    "The day after Obama clinched enough Democratic delegates to become the first black person nominated to be president, the African-American-owned diner -- a gathering spot for the local black community that includes bureaucrats and professionals as well as blue-collar workers -- was filled with a sense of history, a yearning for change, a hope for a better America." "Obama, his candidacy are talk of Orlando".


    "A majority of Florida voters don't want to spend public money on private and religious schools -- but they'll probably vote by large margins to do it in November, anyway, according to a new poll."

    The reason: A tactical decision by the state Taxation and Budget Reform Commission to combine private-school vouchers with a proposal to ensure that 65 percent of every education dollar is spent in the classroom.

    Known as the ''65 percent solution,'' the measure is so popular that 63 percent of voters would approve the constitutional amendment if the election were held today, according to the new poll from Quinnipiac University.
    "Word change ups chances for school vouchers".

    HD 44

    "Republican state Rep. Rob Schenck just finished his first term in Tallahassee. But there's no time for him to relax."

    The first re-election campaign is often the toughest, and this year, local Democrats are poised to mount an aggressive challenge.

    Florida Democratic Party officials believe Schenck's district is one of the most vulnerable Republican-held seats in the state. And now they have a candidate to trumpet.

    This week, Joseph Puglia, a 41-year-old business owner from Brooksville, filed paperwork noting his intent to run.
    "Democrats smell blood in House District 44".

    Runnin' the party like a business?

    "When Jim Greer assumed control of the Republican Party of Florida last year with a push from Gov. Charlie Crist, he decided the best way to get around the state was by air — in his own airplane."

    And that hasn't been cheap, as recent e-mails obtained by the St. Petersburg Times show.

    By last month, Greer had racked up more than $85,000 in unpaid bills with an aviation service, prompting the service to discontinue work on Greer's plane until he paid up.
    "Florida GOP chief flies into a bind over plane bills".


    The Miami Herald editorial board: "Seventeen snow birds have flown their Florida coop for summer in Wisconsin. These birds really are the feathered sort -- whooping cranes. Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge in Central Florida is host to the cranes, part of a breeding program to restore the endangered species." "Straight to the point".

    To replace Weldon ...

    "Sen. Bill Posey submitted his resignation Wednesday from the state Senate, allowing him to focus on a congressional bid but also opening a Republican-leaning seat that takes in parts of Orange, Seminole and Brevard counties." "Bill Posey resigns state seat to pursue bid for Congress". See also "State Sen. Posey to resign".

    McBush plays to his base

    "Invoking both Ted Kennedy and Ronald Reagan and barely mentioning Democratic rival Barack Obama, presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain told Florida newspaper editors and publishers this afternoon that he is a reformer who can work with Democrats." "I'm a reformer, McCain tells Florida newspapers editors". See also "John McCain visits newspaper editors in Florida".

    "We no longer lead the nation in drooling"

    I guess ... if the Maitland housewife tells us so: "Let me count the ways Florida could help its public schools excel".

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