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The Blog for Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brilliant mistake

    If Republican John McCain's vice presidential choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is aimed at wooing women voters, a key testing ground will be South Florida. It's home to huge numbers of die-hard and disappointed Hillary Clinton fans. Whether the tactic works is another question. Lisa Marie Macci, president of a Boca Raton Republican women's club, praised the pick and predicted Democrats would pay for not putting a woman on the ticket. "She's not only a maternal woman, but someone who can hold her own with the boys," said Macci, 44. But of the dozen or so women voters contacted Friday — most of them independents and Clinton supporters — the reaction was less positive." "Sarah Palin faces uphill battle swaying South Florida women". See also "Gov. Charlie Crist approves of McCain's VP decision" and "State parties react to new GOP ticket" ("Allison DeFoor, a former vice chairman of the state Republican Party, called the choice 'brilliant.'")

    "Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer, who has long advocated Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for vice president to win over moderate voters and deliver Florida, said McCain must have calculated the former Clinton supporters are the key to the election." This is desperate to the point of being, well ... sad:
    "She will fill the void that women Democrats across this country are feeling because of Sen. Obama's failure to pick Hillary Clinton as his VP," Greer said. "Many were already teetering and this pick is just going to push them to McCain. It was a very bold move on his part."
    This seems a bit closer to the mark:
    "She's no Hillary Clinton," said Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Karen Thurman. "She's Dan Quayle in a dress."
    "McCain pick puts focus on women". That headline is a bit off the mark. It should read
    "McCain pick puts focus on women who support offshore drilling, are anti-choice, mock cancer survivors, oppose stem cell research, think creationism should be taught in schools, ardently oppose gun control, dig beauty pageant contestants, want to open up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to drilling and aren't sure about the global warming thing"
    I'm not sure McCain didn't have those women already locked up before he selected Palin.

    Chump change

    "Crist asked a special legislative panel Friday to tap $672 million from a budget reserve fund to help make up another state revenue shortfall." "Crist seeks to tap reserve fund".

    "Accountability won the day"

    The Daytona Beach News-Journal editorial board: "For elections officials in 15 Florida counties, Tuesday's polling provided a referendum on new paper-based balloting systems. And for the most part, accountability won the day. " "All-paper election a rebuke to naysayers".

    Never mind

    "A system error resulted in doubling the number of votes counted from most precincts in Tuesday's election in Indian River County, election officials found Thursday. But a computer recount showed the same winners won -- although by much smaller totals, according to an unofficial recount by the county's election Canvassing Board. It included two county judges and a county commissioner." "System error doubles vote count in most Indian River County precincts".

    Nelson speaks

    "Bill Nelson, Florida's senior statewide elected Democrat, spoke with Deputy Editor of Editorials Tim Nickens and several other reporters this week about Sen. Barack Obama." "Obama and the Fla. vote".

    Not exactly what you'd call a kingmaker

    "Jim Greer came out of nowhere to become a powerful force as chairman of the Republican Party of Florida."

    But even with help from Gov. Charlie Crist, he won by only 13 votes and faces a re-election vote in January.

    The question now is whether he helped or hurt his cause in Tuesday's election.

    Casting aside the tradition of neutrality, Greer took sides in several races between Republicans for the Legislature or party posts, taping "Hi, this is Jim Greer. Vote for …" robo-calls in some cases.

    The problem: Not all Greer's people won, so he may have gained new enemies.
    "GOP chief rips holes in state's big tent".

    Is the wedding still on?

    "Crist said he got a phone call from Sen. John McCain at 9 a.m. Friday with word that the Arizona senator had chosen someone else to be his running mate." "Crist got word from McCain in 9 a.m. phone call". See also "Sorry, Charlie. McCain picks woman running mate Palin".

    Read much?

    The Orlando Sentinel editorial board writes today that "the sound you might have heard Friday from Dayton, Ohio, was Republican presidential nominee John McCain blowing up the mold for running mates." "We think: McCain's pick of Palin makes both tickets historical". Didn't the Dems do this two decades ago?


    "Johnson used variations on the word 'flawless' so much that you have thought he was talking about Sophia Loren, instead of a parochial election involving 12 strawberry farmers." Just read it: "Putting The Flaw In Flawless".

    GOP disenfranchises Florida!!!

    I look forward to the media slamming the bejesus out of the GOPers for disenfranchising Florida: "The Republican National Committee today made its penalties stick against South Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida and Michigan for holding primaries earlier than rules allowed. RNC credentials committee member and South Carolina state Rep. Alan Clemmons said that those states all lost half their delegates by holding primaries too early. That cut the size of delegations and influence those states have in picking the GOP nominee." "GOP Upholds Delegate Penalties Against States".

    Thanks State, County and City employees

    "Floridians think state and local response to the winds and flooding of Tropical Storm Fay was pretty darn good, according to a poll released Friday." "Fay response well-received".

    "Fuel costs, projects force increase"

    "Customers of Progress Energy Florida could see their electric bills jump more than 30 percent next year, as the utility pays for higher fuel costs and nuclear and environmental projects." "Progress pushes forward to raise electric bills".

    Tampa Tribune endorses McCain and his "daring selection"

    The unbiased Tampa Tribune editorial board believes that "a campaign that centers on specific issues, which would be welcomed by voters of both parties, will be an advantage for John McCain." "Obama's Speech Resonates, But Also Raises Questions".

    The same predictable dopes parrot McCain campaign talking points, finding it "amusing to see the Democrats make the same criticisms of Palin that Republicans make of Obama". "The Maverick Is Back".

    "Solutions beyond extending tax cuts for the wealthy"?

    The St. Petersburg Times editorial board: McCain,

    can be expected to emphasize his foreign policy experience and qualifications to be commander in chief. But polls already show most voters believe he is more qualified than Obama in those areas. A better strategy would be for the candidate who cannot remember how many houses he owns to show some empathy for Americans struggling to make ends meet and offer concrete solutions beyond extending tax cuts for the wealthy. That would be of particular interest in Florida, where job losses in July ranked the highest in the country and the unemployment rate is the highest in 13 years. Fighting to eliminate congressional earmarks in the federal budget, however commendable, does not resonate with homeowners behind on their mortgages.
    "McCain makes risky choice".

    Term limits

    The Daytona Beach News-Journal editorial board: " There are 37 former mayors, nine former state governors, 272 former state legislators and four former sheriffs serving in Congress today. The broader accruing experience usually benefits the electorate. But what if politicians were happy to stay where they were as long as voters wanted them there? In too many posts -- the governorship, the Florida House and Senate, various cities' commissions or councils, such as Palm Coast's -- voters don't get that choice. Term limits do." "Out of office too early".

    "Why he waited so long."?

    "Crist has made it easier for felons to vote, but advocates questioned why he waited so long." "Crist helps restore felons' voting rights".

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