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The Blog for Monday, September 01, 2008

3,400 ballots "somehow evaporated"?

    "Losing Palm Beach County circuit judge candidate William Abramson said Sunday he will probably file a lawsuit in hopes of finding out what happened to roughly 3,400 ballots that he claims somehow evaporated between election day and the weekend's recount." "Abramson may sue over recount loss".

    "Scaled back" convention

    Poor lil' RPOFers, a "scaled back" convention (as Bush and Cheney scuttle away like so many cockroaches, using Gustav as an excuse):

    "I'm not sure whether it helps him or it hurts him,'' said Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer, applauding McCain's decision to scale back the convention. "I think it demonstrated leadership." [sic]

    Gov. Charlie Crist, scheduled to speak Thursday night, was also unlikely to attend (though he is tentatively scheduled to appear Tuesday on Comedy Central's The Daily Show).
    How appropriate, a comedy show.
    The Florida Republican Party held a welcome reception for delegates Sunday night but canceled a Thursday night party, saying the money [and presumably the cases of liquor] would instead be sent to help people in affected areas. A delegation breakfast scheduled for this morning to honor the GOP congressional delegation was changed to a prayer breakfast.

    Floridians, of course, understand the seriousness of hurricanes better than most, so the sudden shift in convention plans caused little or no grumbling. Four years ago, much of the delegation left the convention in New York as Hurricane Frances threatened the state.

    "The convention is important, but what's more important is the lives of people on the Gulf Coast,'' said Randy Maggard, a Republican activist from Zephyrhills. "This could dampen the mood, but we're all concerned when the Gulf Coast is going through difficult times."

    State GOP chairman Greer said depending on what happens in the coming days, delegates may simply have to find ways to entertain themselves.

    "The Mall of America will do well — until we all run out of money,'' Hillsborough GOP chairman David Storck quipped about the 4.2-million-square-foot mall across from the Florida delegation's hotel.
    "GOP, McCain scale back convention's first day as storm looms". See also "Gustav forces Republicans to pare down convention".

    "Crist skipping GOP convention because of storms". That, and perhaps he doesn't want to remind folks he's a Republican. See also "Bush to skip GOP convention because of Hurricane Gustav; Gov. Crist may not go either" and "Gov. Crist: Florida braces for one-two punch".

    "An anti-convention"?

    "The carefully scripted, star-studded, prime-time extravaganza that Republicans are planning for St. Paul this week is officially known as the Republican National Convention. In some ways, it's also an anti-convention." "Republicans gear up for convention". See also "Floridians tone down atmosphere", "Disappointed but energized, GOP delegates gather and wait" and "Florida delegates focus on Gustav".

    Charlie in a prayin' way

    A whole lotta prayin' going on in Tally these days: "Crist: 'Let's pray for neighbors to the west'".

    Dead enders

    "As Republican after Republican in Broward County was lining up last year with Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign, Ellyn Bogdanoff and Adam Hasner signed on with John McCain — and never looked back. Bogdanoff and Hasner, both of whom are state legislators who represent parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties, are in St. Paul, Minn., as delegates to the Republican National Convention this week, so their decision was proved right." "Loyalty to John McCain pays off for two South Florida legislators".

    "Job losses ... pushing many black freshmen ... out of higher education entirely"

    "[A]dministrators say job losses that have beset families are pushing many black freshmen into community colleges this year or out of higher education entirely. In addition, officials from some universities had trouble competing for the state's top black students after budget cuts weakened their recruitment efforts." "Universities Enroll Fewer Blacks".

    Not this "Hometown"

    "A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit trying to get a growth management proposal on the Nov. 4 ballot. The suit by Florida Hometown Democracy Inc. challenged a Feb. 1 deadline for verifying petition signatures. The group's proposed state constitutional amendment fell about 65,000 signatures short. The amendment would require voter approval for changes in local growth plans." "Fla. judge rejects planning amendment appeal". See also "Growth Management Bid Fails" and "Judge dismisses group's bid for ballot proposal".

    The end of "the Wahid Mahmood era"

    "It looks like the Wahid Mahmood era of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party is coming to an end. Mahmood, elected county Democratic chairman in 2004 and reelected in 2006, lost a little-noticed race last week to represent his Wellington precinct on the county's Democratic Executive Committee. Challenger Alexander 'Alec' Domb got 59 votes to Mahmood's 13 votes in the contest for precinct 6177 Democratic committeeman." "Precinct loss may oust boss of Dems".

    The joke's on you ...

    ... because it ain't real insurance: "In a week, Floridians will get details about a state plan designed to improve access to health care for about 4 million uninsured adults in the state. Nine companies submitted proposals in August for Gov. Charlie Crist's 'Cover Florida' program, but the state won't reveal specifics about the plans until Sept. 8." "State to detail plan for 4M uninsured adults".

    We'd like to help, but ...

    "Florida is helping with the response to Hurricane Gustav, but the state is distracted by a possible strike from Tropical Storm Hanna later in the week. The state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will send four seven-person search-and-rescue teams and 22 small boats to Louisiana to help with recovery operations, Gov. Charlie Crist said Sunday. Louisiana would like more help than that, but Florida must keep a watchful eye on Hanna." "Concern about Hanna limits Florida's help with Gustav".

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