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The Blog for Saturday, October 18, 2008

Empty suit

    Steve Bousquet: "While Gov. Charlie Crist campaigned in Miami with John McCain on Friday,"
    more bad economic news tumbled out of his administration.

    Florida's unemployment rate remained at 6.6 percent in September for the second month in a row. That's half a percentage point above the national average and 2.4 points higher than a year ago.

    That's not all: The budget Crist signed in May is dripping red ink, at least $900-million worth, and will have to be cut again or propped up with cash reserves.

    Though this economic mess wasn't Crist's fault, it is his responsibility. His response so far is underwhelming.
    "Take a good look at the economy, governor".

    "The number of workers without paychecks in Southwest Florida inched upward in September. Meanwhile, one of Florida's top economists warned not to expect any sudden miracles to change that trend." "Outlook on jobs worsens". It seems Charlie's been limiting his efforts to praying for a "sudden miracle".

    Poor John

    "With time running short and his poll numbers dipping,"

    presidential hopeful John McCain dropped into a traditionally Republican area of South Florida Friday, telling a largely Hispanic audience that Florida was a "must-win state, and you know we're going to win."

    McCain's whirlwind visit — he was on the ground less than three hours — underscored the importance of Florida as a crucial battleground state as the long presidential race nears the Nov. 4 finish.
    "John McCain calls Florida a "must-win" at FIU rally".

    More: "McCain emphasizes 'Joe the Plumber' theme in Florida". McSame wigs out in Charlotte this morning: "McCain suggests Obama's tax plans 'socialist'".

    If only to rid ourselves of our empty suit in Tally

    "McCain acknowledged in an exclusive interview Friday that he probably would be better positioned in must-win Florida if he had picked Gov. Charlie Crist as his running mate." "McCain avows Crist's value".

    Show me your papers ...

    "The lawsuit centers on Jose Morales, who became a U.S. citizen in November 2007 and registered to vote last month. Two weeks after the college student registered, he received a letter from Cherokee County that demanded he provide evidence of his citizenship, according to the complaint."

    "He received his voting card soon after he showed his passport to the registrar's office, but last week another letter asked him to again verify his citizenship and warned him his name could be removed if he did not." "Judge won't stop Ga. voter citizenship checks".

    To know him is to, you know ...

    ... recognize his rank partisan incompetence: "Democrat Phyllis Busansky netted a contribution from a second former chief of staff for Buddy Johnson, her Republican rival in the race for supervisor of elections."

    Johnson is seeking re-election after winning the office in 2004. Dan Nolan, who served as his top deputy for nearly a year of his early tenure, gave Busansky a check for $250 earlier this month.

    "Well, I think their record kind of speaks for itself," said Nolan, a former Central Command Army colonel who now runs his own business. "Phyllis has got a record of public service and support in the community. Buddy hasn't got much of a record, and his judgment has demonstrated itself."

    Nolan joins lawyer Helene Marks, who also was Johnson's chief of staff for a little more than a year, and has now twice contributed to the Busansky campaign.
    "Buddy Johnson's former chiefs of staff donate to Phyllis Busansky's campaign".

    More GOP racist "jokes"

    Blaise Ingoglia's "most steadfast defender, Ana Trinque, chairwoman of the Republican Executive Committee, said that ... Ingoglia is just a friend with a political views she admires." and what are those "views"? Well, "the kind of crass, racist attempt at humor you'd be unlucky to encounter at a roadside bar." "Ingoglia ought to be pariah of the GOP".

    Ruth explains Mahoney

    Daniel Ruth starts with:

    You have to give Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney, D-What's Your Sign?, back-handed credit for at least this much.

    Jeepers, this guy didn't even wait to get elected on his phony family values, morality in government, sanctity of marriage, blah, blah, blah campaign balderdash before he started chasing more skirts than Hugh Hefner as a scholar-in-residence at the Trollop Academy for Loose Women.

    Few politicians were ever as blessed to have a congressional seat dropped in their laps. Unfortunately for Mahoney, according to ABC News, the space was also occupied by his consort, Patricia Allen.
    The best is here: "Pol's Career Was A Brief Affair".

    Amway politics

    "The biggest special interest devoting money to Florida legislative races this fall isn't Big Sugar, big corporations, trial lawyers or bankers. It's a Michigan school-choice organization called All Children Matter. It has raised $3.5 million in Florida and has but one interest. Founded in 2003 by the DeVos family [read "Amway", which owns the Orlando Magic, the organization has doled out millions on behalf of candidates across the nation to support alternatives to traditional public schools -- from taxpayer-funded vouchers to charter schools and "virtual-classroom" programs." "DeVos-funded group tries to sway state races". Ironically, "Obama, Clinton coming to Amway Arena on Monday".


    "If Everglades restoration doesn't start soon, Ron Bergeron is afraid that there may not be an Everglades left to save." "Steve Waters: One man's fight to save the Everglades".

    Amendment 2

    "Sponsors of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage announced an advertising campaign Friday and said its detractors are trying to scare voters about the proposal." "Amendment 2 debate gets hitched to worry over unintended effects".


    "Bill Nelson is talking to teachers in Tampa on the subject of education during the nation's economic crisis." "Sen. Nelson speaks to teachers Saturday in Tampa".


    "Gov. Crist announces head of biotech task force".

    The Zell Corporation's Orlando store ...

    ... is outraged: "Two years ago, Tim Mahoney campaigned on a promise to return morals and family values to Washington after the Mark Foley scandal involving male congressional pages. So how's that working? Mr. Mahoney, who represents Florida's 16th District, is now embroiled in his own sex scandal." "Voters in District 16 deserve better than last 2 hypocrites".

    "Blair did not return a phone call seeking comment"

    "Hillsborough Commissioner Brian Blair [and former 'professional' wrestler] told a group of black civic leaders this week that he has been endorsed by two local African-American political leaders in his re-election bid. That would be surprising since both men — Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White and Tampa City Council member Tom Scott — are Democrats. Blair is a Republican. In fact, White and Scott both told the St. Petersburg Times Friday that they have not endorsed Blair." "Black leaders deny backing Blair campaign".

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