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The Blog for Friday, November 07, 2008

Poor John

    "With the state's unemployment rate at a 14-year high and Florida hard hit by foreclosures, the economy was on the minds of many voters who cast their ballots in the presidential election. "
    An Associated Press statistical analysis shows Obama benefited from the gloomy economic conditions at Republican John McCain's expense.

    The analysis compared a county's economic data with its presidential election results. It showed a correlation that for every 1 percent of Florida households in foreclosure in September, McCain lost 16 percentage points to Obama
    "Analysis: Foreclosures Cost McCain In Florida".

    Loose ends

    "Arguing that early voting's impact on overall turnout can't justify the costs involved — roughly $250,000 for a countywide election — [Pinellas Supervisor of Elections Deborah] Clark's office has largely abandoned it and strongly advocates for mail-in ballots. Mail-in voting tends to favor Republicans, while early voting tends to draw more Democrats." "Vote is telling, Clark says".

    "With his lead over Democratic opponent Phyllis Busansky evaporating, Buddy Johnson appeared briefly before a crowd of reporters early Thursday night and conceded the Hillsborough supervisor of elections race."

    Johnson, who oversaw an election with so many problems they were still counting Hillsborough County votes two days after the polls closed, congratulated Busansky on her win and praised his staff and family members, but dodged questions about his handling of the election.
    "Johnson Concedes Elections Post To Busansky". See also "Hillsborough election fixes up to Busansky" and "Two days after polls close, Johnson concedes Hillsborough elections supervisor race to Busansky".

    "In an interview this morning, ousted Hillsborough County elections supervisor Buddy Johnson insists human error played no part in the delayed count of Tuesday's voting results. Rather, he said, the fault lies with Premier Elections Solutions, the Texas company Johnson handpicked to provide voting machines." "Ousted Johnson Still Blames Voting Machine Firm". The St. Petersburg Times editorial board: "Cleaning up after Johnson's disaster".

    "Poll workers working a Wakulla County commission race recount apparently mixed up some of the early voting and absentee ballots, said a voting technician." "Updated: Early voting, absentee votes mixed accidentally during Wakulla recount".

    More: "Ortiz won't concede race to Siplin yet", "Lake voter turnout likely set record" and "Obama, it's time to say 'gracias': Hispanics help turn Florida blue".

    "She 'got crazy with FOX News'"

    "Employees at a Palm Beach County restaurant say their boss posted racist notes in the kitchen and on their time sheets on election night." Her excuse?: "she 'got crazy with FOX News.'" "Boss posted racist notes at Fla. restaurant".

    "A backlash against the mean streak many Republican lawmakers revealed"

    The Orlando Sentinel editorial board: "There may be a slew of factors behind this dismal election for Republicans in Florida and across the nation. But GOP leaders wouldn't be looking back on as many losses if Hispanics had voted for the party at the levels they did in prior elections. And while the economy's decline under a Republican president was no doubt a big motivator for more Hispanics to vote Democratic, the results in some key races also point to a backlash against the mean streak many Republican lawmakers revealed in denouncing immigration reform." "Republicans who blasted immigration reform hurt GOP among Hispanics".

    Unions are mean and nasty

    The geniuses on The Tampa Tribune editorial board: "Unions Seek New Clout With Strong-Arm Tactics".

    Where were these idiots when, just down the road at the Orlando Airport, the delightful Alamo Rent-A-Car Company responded to its employees efforts to unionize by (from the NLRB's findings):

    - interrogating employees concerning their support for, activities on behalf of, or membership in the Union, or any other labor organization.

    - threatened employees that their support for, activities on behalf of, or membership in the Union constitute disloyalty.

    - solicited employees to monitor the union activities of other employees.

    - threatened or impliedly threatened employees with the loss of benefits, wages, and working conditions if they should choose the Union as their exclusive collective-bargaining representative.

    - implied to employees that it is futile for them to select the Union as their exclusive collective-bargaining representative.

    - informed employees that should they select the Union as their exclusive collective-bargaining representative, the Union would have to bargain for the terms and conditions of employment that the employees already have.

    - denied early leave privileges to employees because of, or in retaliation for, their union activities, sympathies, or affiliation.

    - disciplined and suspended employees because of, or in retaliation for, their union activities, sympathies, or affiliation.

    - discharged employees because of, or in retaliation for, their union activities, sympathies, or affiliation.
    I can't imagine why the employees were unable to unionize after three elections.


    The Palm Beach Post editorial Board: "In one respect, newly elected Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher has it tough. The record of the office she will inherit from Arthur Anderson is abysmal." "Smooth vote in Palm Beach; next can be even smoother".

    Florida: always, always "on the cheap"

    The St. Petersburg Times editorial board: "The Florida Supreme Court has set aside the Legislature’s latest and hopefully final attempt to provide death row inmates with representation on the cheap." "Fla. can't cut corners in death cases".

    Amendment 2

    The Daytona Beach News-Journal editorial board: "In an election where other barriers were shattered, one societal bulwark was reinforced. By a significant supermajority, voters in Florida, California and Arizona approved measures restricting marriage to heterosexual couples." "Marriage aside, no legal rights?".

    Hillsborough shocker

    "Turns out the world can make sense now and then, even in politics and even here. A forthright guy who by the way happens to be gay can win the day." "Voters find gay isn't a pro or a con".

    HD 9

    "UPDATED: Rehwinkel Vasilinda House 9 winner".

    HD 27

    "As Dwayne Taylor prepares to replace Joyce Cusack as the state representative in District 27, he recognizes he has big shoes to fill." "New rep. plans to follow Cusack's path".

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