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The Blog for Thursday, July 02, 2009

"The Club for Growth wants to take Crist out"

    Mike Thomas:"The Club for Growth is doing the math."
    Like other conservatives, its leaders have grown increasingly disillusioned with Crist's support for cap-and-trade, the hated Obama stimulus package and, most recently, tax increases.

    This week The Wall Street Journal dubbed Crist the "Republican Barney Frank" for vetoing a bill designed to spur free-market competition in the insurance market.

    The Club for Growth wants to take Crist out. ...

    It is not an idle threat.

    The club has a track record of ousting Republicans who stray from the straight and narrow of tax cuts, budget cuts and less government.
    "Rubio's problem is that he is little known outside his Miami-Dade base. And so polls routinely show Crist beating him by wide margins."
    But in its most recent poll, Mason-Dixon separated those Republicans familiar with both Crist and Rubio. Among this group, the race is a dead heat.

    The Club for Growth came up with somewhat similar results in a poll it released this week. ... when poll respondents were given a short but flattering description of Rubio — portraying him as a staunch anti-tax conservative and protégé of Jeb Bush — the race becomes a dead heat.
    Much more here: "Crist doesn't have Senate race wrapped up yet".

    Let the wingnuttery begin.

    Speaking of wingnuts ...

    The yahoos on The Tampa Tribune editorial board share the latest Chamber of Commerce/League of Cities press release with us this morning: "It is too bad Gov. Charlie Crist didn't have the grit to veto a measure that will make it difficult for law enforcement agencies to get rid of abusive officers." "Gov. Cop Out"

    Sansom hearings to be held in the dead of summer

    "The hearings are called after special investigator Steve Kahn found there is probable cause Sansom, R-Destin, broke House rules and damaged public confidence in the institution through his dealings with Northwest Florida State College. Galvano, R-Bradenton, will chair the panel." "House tribunal on Sansom could begin late this month". Yesterday, The Palm Beach Post editorial board called for "Resignation or expulsion".

    So much for our "green" Governor

    The Orlando Sentinel editorial board: "Sporting a new and decidedly gray sensibility toward the environment, Mr. Crist has proved a profound disappointment to those fighting to protect and preserve Florida's water, air and land." "Our gray governor".


    The Daytona Beach News Journal editorial board: "Let's skip the 'Little Engine that Could' jokes. SunRail -- the commuter line slated to run from DeLand to Osceola County, and eventually to the Tampa Bay area -- has serious potential to make Central Florida more transit-friendly and improve the area's economic bottom line. But to make the line a reality, something must give." "SunRail deserves rescue with a fair bargain for all". Related: "Orlando Mayor Dyer: 3rd time to be charm for SunRail".

    Guess who won?

    "Universal resort settles property-tax dispute with Orange County".

    Stoller on board

    "What sets Grayson apart from his peers is his broad faith that social-networking tools can be used to bypass traditional media outlets. 'This is a new type of legislating. It's gone viral,' said Grayson, whose staff has uploaded more than 30 videos of their boss in six months. 'This has never happened before. It's a new model for democracy. You show people a problem. They recognize the problem. And as a result, you can have a new law.' Part of this thinking — and its use — can be traced to one of his senior aides, Matt Stoller, an active liberal blogger hired to manage Grayson's media. Stoller, however, says it's the message — not the medium — that matters most." "It's viral: Central Florida lawmakers blog, Twitter and Facebook". Related: "Scott Maxwell: Grayson gains limelight, but to what end?"


    "A Leon County Democrat has filed a state ethics complaint accusing Attorney General Bill McCollum of traveling for personal reasons on publicly owned aircraft, echoing a complaint a Leon County Republican made against Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink the day before." "Misuse of state aircraft alleged". See also "Rivals face ethics charges".

    Thank you, Mr. Obama

    "Federal stimulus funds save 41 jobs at FAMU – until next year".

    Yippee! Another entrepreneur

    "A former state House representative and small business owner from West Palm Beach announced Wednesday her candidacy for a seat in the state Senate. Sharon Merchant, a Republican, made her announcement at Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers. She's running for a seat in District 27, which includes Lee County." "Merchant to run for Florida Senate".

    Ed. Note
    : Yes, the double entendre was intentional.

    A fine idea at the time

    "A state program that officially began Wednesday promises to advance up to $8,000 to first-time home buyers." Unfortunately,

    [t]he cash isn’t there to make loans to home buyers, procedures to implement the program are not in place and purchasers may have to race to meet a federal tax deadline of Dec. 1.
    "State program offering $8,000 home buying help lacks money, procedures".

    Show us the money

    "The University of Florida's efforts to bolster its biotechnology brand got a boost earlier this month with news that a healthcare and technology venture capital fund will open an office near UF's Gainesville campus." "Herbert Venture Partners office to be near UF".

    Marlins stadium scramble

    "A higher-than expected interest rate left the county $6 million short in funding for a new baseball stadium -- prompting last minute scrambling by project backers and a vow by the Florida Marlins to make up the shortfall." "Bond sale for stadium falls short".

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