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The Blog for Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charlie smashing "most overrated Governor" poll results

    On the heels of being declared "America's Worst Governor?" in Forbes, he's leading in the Washington Post's poll for "most overrated Governor in the country". Go vote now.

    See "Poll: The most overrated Governor in the country". See also "One poll Crist doesn't want to win: 'most overrated' gov".

    Meantime ...

    ... "Crist says he didn't know Obama was in Florida".

    "Strongest position they've been in modern history"

    "With almost every statewide office open in 2010, many Democrats say they are in the strongest position they've been in modern history. The state party is better organized than it's been in decades, Obama's political machine already has a dozen staffers organizing throughout Florida and the leading Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Alex Sink, is significantly outraising the leading Republican, Bill McCollum."

    Still, there are plenty of reasons to worry. In 2010 Democrats won't have George W. Bush to blame for problems facing the country. Many observers doubt infrequent or first-time voters will turn out in droves in an off-year election, as they did when Obama turned Florida blue for the first time since 1996.
    So, in typical RPOF fashion, Florida's GOPers just make things up. In a new Spanish-language radio ad in Miami-Dade, where Obama was Monday night, the following was heard:
    "Will you really cut funding for Medicare to pay for it? How can that be good? That's really going to hurt our seniors,'' ... .
    "Florida Democrats could face problems in midterm elections".

    Charlie's pants are on fire

    "Crist says he has shrunk state government by 10 percent since taking office. But the decrease really had little to do with him." "Gov. Charlie Crist's budget-cut claim is baseless".

    Rubio "packs the room"

    "Marco Rubio, the underdog gaining steam in his race against Gov. Charlie Crist for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, appealed to Broward Republicans Monday night, setting up a showdown between the two candidates in the pivotal county. The Fort Lauderdale meeting of the Broward Republican Executive Committee was not limited to its members, which allowed Rubio's supporters to pack the room. More than 300 people came to hear and cheer the former Florida House speaker." "Marco Rubio meets with Broward Republicans". More: "Rubio supporters turn Republican meeting into a pep rally".

    See you in Havana

    "Broward County commissioners approved seeking permission from the federal government to allow flights to and from Cuba at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport." "Broward Co. approves asking for flights to Cuba".

    Dear leader

    "Responding to news Monday that Democrats are considering a health care package that would let states opt out of the so-called public option, Republican Gov. Charlie Crist said he’d prefer a bill with no mention at all of a public option. 'The public option, I think, may be sort of a Trojan horse to a government take over of health care,' Crist said." "Crist would rather not have the option of a public option".

    Barack "don't rattle"

    "In his second trip to Florida since his election, President Barack Obama told backers at a Miami Beach fundraiser not to worry about his critics: 'I don't rattle.'" "President Obama rallies Florida Democrats in Miami Beach".

    Charlie a no show at the office

    The Saint Petersburg Times editorial board: "There is a reason Gov. Charlie Crist hardly ever breaks a sweat. He's not working that hard."

    No one expected Crist to be a policy wonk when he was elected governor. He has never been a detail guy, and it is not surprising that he has not been holed up in the governor's office reading policy papers. He did establish a more civil tone in Tallahassee, and even his political opponents find it hard to dislike him personally. But good manners only go so far. Voters did expect Crist to show up for work more regularly and spend more afternoons brainstorming with real experts to find some solutions to Florida's most pressing issues.
    "It's not as though the governor lacks challenges."
    Unemployment is higher than it has been since 1975, and more people are leaving the state than arriving. The property tax structure is worse than when Crist took office, and so is the property insurance situation. The governor has been less than successful in advancing much of his agenda through the Legislature, and in his last session in 2010 there are any number of big issues he could push: ethics reform, a fairer tax system, investment in higher education, renewable energy. But that would require spending time now to develop and refine his proposals, and Crist is too busy raising money for his U.S. Senate campaign. He drops by the state Capitol today for a Cabinet meeting and a full schedule, but later in the week he's off mining for cash in Phoenix and Las Vegas and . . .
    "Attorney General Bill McCollum and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink also do not have particularly heavy public schedules."
    McCollum has even more time unaccounted for than Crist, with the equivalent of 42 weeks off since January 2007. Sink looks like a comparative workaholic with the equivalent of some 26 weeks off. Now both McCollum and Sink are running for governor, so expect to see their office lights on even less.
    "A part-time governor, a full-time job".

    All in the Mica family

    "Dave Mica: Exploration offers a safe path to more jobs and state revenues".

    Prepaid pain

    "Parents are getting sticker shock as the Florida Prepaid College Plan sends its rates skyward." "Parents reeling from spike in Florida Prepaid College Plan".

    Never mind

    "Grayson's 'K Street whore' quip draws fire".

    Florida's own "Howdy Doody Looking Nimrod" speaks

    "Putnam Says He Opposes Most of Democrats' Health Care Reform Plans".

    Boyd's challenger

    "Head of Suwannee Republicans looks to unseat Boyd".

    Florida's clean-energy debate

    "Obama may have little sway in state's clean-energy debate".

    New house on the Row

    "A federal appeals court has dismissed an appeal by a Christian fraternity that had sought to force the University of Florida to recognize it as an official organization. The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling Tuesday found that the controversy was moot because the university had amended its policy and allowed Beta Upsilon Chi to register." "Appeals panel dismisses Fla. Christian frat case".


    The Miami Herald editorial board: "Fund Tri-Rail, jump-start bullet train".

    Stirring up a hornets nest

    "Seniors don't hesitate to speak up".

    Preying on children

    "A teenage girl who said she feared her father would harm or kill her for converting from Islam to Christianity returned to Ohio today after running away to Florida three months ago."

    Rifqa Bary returned to circumstances far different than those she left: Instead of her home in New Albany, one of central Ohio's most well-off communities, she'll be in a foster home under state custody.

    Bary, 17, will also have her phone and Internet use supervised by the Franklin County Children Service Agency, under a judge's order issued earlier Tuesday.

    The children's services agency had blamed Bary's use of Facebook for her troubles, saying she went to Orlando after talking to the Rev. Blake Lorenz, pastor of Global Revolution Church, in an online prayer group.
    "Runaway convert back in Ohio after 3-month flight".


    "Crist says there is still hope for a gambling deal between the state and the Seminole Tribe despite what a leading Florida legislator said last week. 'To me, it seems so obviously the right thing to do,' Crist said. His reasoning: The tribe would contribute $150 million a year to education and create 40,000 jobs in exchange for exclusive rights to blackjack and other table games at its seven Florida casinos." "Gov. Charlie Crist hopeful for Seminoles gambling pact". See also "Crist sees hope for gambling deal".

    PSC passes

    "The Public Service Commission has agreed to delay decisions on two major electric utility rate cases." "Fla. PSC considering delays for rate cases".

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