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The Blog for Friday, January 15, 2010

"Brewing up a scheme"

    "The two-man team of Florida political activists who are claiming the rights to the 'Tea Party' name have been accused in the past of engaging in political trickery for profit, including allegedly pressing opposing candidates to pay for the endorsement of their candidate." "Tea Party Name-Claiming Duo Have Checkered Past". See also "Florida Lawyer Claims Rights To Tea Party Name -- Says Activist: He's 'Trying To Hijack Our Movement'".

    About Bill

    "As governor, McCollum would lead Florida into Dark Ages". Another perspective from Kingsley Guy: "McCollum is a smart leader who'd make a good governor".

    "At best, he was only partly right"

    The Palm Beach Post editorial board: "After the Public Service Commission on Wednesday shredded Florida Power & Light's $1.2 billion annual rate request to $75 million, FPL President Armando Olivera complained that 'politics trumped economics.' At best, he was only partly right." "Hit reset on utility rates".

    "Tougher ethics laws"?

    Steve Bousquet writes that, "in a political age dominated by the excesses of Scott Rothstein and Alan Mendelsohn, and with the taint of Ray Sansom lingering over the Legislature like a bad hangover, you might expect elected leaders to be crusading for tougher ethics laws. Only you don't, and that's the problem." "Ethics chair lobbies for change in unreceptive corners".


    Scott Maxwell: "The former House speaker's campaign against Charlie Crist for the U.S. Senate continues to surge — with much of Rubio's popularity based upon his supposed commitment to fiscal responsibility."

    He continually blasts "excessive and wasteful spending" and promises to be different if he goes to Washington.

    It's an interesting claim for a man who began his speakership by spending more than $550,000 of taxpayer money renovating his office … as well as a members-only dining room. And for a man who refuses to disclose what kind perks he enjoyed as speaker, even though many people have asked.

    In fact, questions about those perks — financed through a Republican Party credit card — could continue to haunt Rubio during this campaign if he doesn't come clean.

    After all, we know another former speaker lived high on the hog, thanks to big donors and special interests.

    Ray Sansom racked up more than $170,000 worth of charges on everything from family vacations to pricey dinners. There was $1,900 at Best Buy, $975 in tuxedo rentals, a $597 dinner at Tallahassee's University Club, $839 at Starbucks, and much, much more.
    "A fiscal conservative? Rubio should prove it". Related: "Are Florida Democrats turning their attention to Marco Rubio?" and "Bank that gave Rubio controversial loan received $50 million from bailout".

    Who really cares ...

    ... what these idiots have to say. These "business groups" have already made a disaster of the state.

    "The Florida Council of 100 and the Florida Chamber of Commerce released the 69-page report during a news conference in the governor's office, saying that improving the education system is critical for economic development and attracting businesses."

    This is no surprise - apparently,

    the report looked like a "regurgitation and repackaging" of a Bush "wish list."
    "Business groups propose major changes to education".

    'Ya reckon?

    The Sun-Sentinel editorial board: "State can't afford reviving school tax holiday".

    The knuckle-dragger speaks

    "Jeb Bush: No opinion on Rubio; Obama too far to the left".

    Brain trust

    "House panel debates offshore drilling".

    Laff riot

    The Tallahassee Democrat editorial board: "Maybe something new will come of the jobs summit". More: "Sen. Nan Rich: Republican ‘jobs summit’ a seance for old ideas".

    "A handful of gimme and a mouthful of much obliged"

    "" "Florida lawmakers see crisis if Congress doesn't extend extra funding".

    HD 58

    The Saint Petersburg Times editorial board: For state House District 58

    "It was a last minute decision by Pat Kemp that thrust her into the Democratic primary for the special election for state House District 58. With a scant 36 hours to the registration deadline, volunteers hit the streets to gather enough petition signatures to avoid paying a $1,915 filing fee. But it is that grass-roots mobilization that Kemp sees as her greatest strength." "State House District 58 race: Patricia 'Pat' Kemp, Democrat". See also "State House District 58 race: Hunter Chamberlin, Republican", "State House District 58 race: Gilberto 'Gil' Sanchez, Democrat" and "State House District 58 race: Jackie Rojas-Quinones, Republican".

    Billy holds a press conference

    Paul Flemming: "Attorney General Bill McCollum says his legislative priority this year is to pass a bill to cap contingency fees for contract attorneys pursuing lawsuits on behalf of the state."

    The proposal — it failed last year — would require competitive bidding for legal services and make the resulting contracts public. But it's the cap that gets top billing. It's a classic fight between generally Republican business interests and Democrat-leaning trial attorneys.
    "McCollum aims at GOP's favorite target".


    "The Seminole gambling deal is dead. The tribe's blackjack tables could be next. In a sharp rebuke to Gov. Charlie Crist, a Florida House committee on Thursday voted 17-0 to reject his proposed revenue-sharing deal with the tribe, effectively ending its chances in the House." "Legislators kill Seminole gambling deal; casino blackjack's future uncertain".

    Daily Rothstein

    "Rothstein auction: Preview items up for sale".

    One trick pony

    The The Miami Herald editorial board: "The cash-strapped Broward School Board turned down the potential for $34 million over the next four years to improve teacher training, better track individual student achievement and help low-performing schools improve."

    Remember, unions are bad things:

    It was a political move prompted by the sour relations between the Broward Techers Union and School Superintendent Jim Notter. And it was wrong.

    Mr. Notter wisely recommended that the board sign on to compete for the money, but the BTU, like most teachers unions in Florida, balked at tying any performance evaluation of teachers to the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. As it stands, Florida's plan would link teacher performance partly to how their students progress on the FCAT, but half of that teacher evaluation would come from other measures.
    "Broward's lost opportunity".


    "A legislative panel on Thursday delayed for a month its planned House trial of ousted Speaker Ray Sansom, but will urge the lawmaker to appear next week as it weighs allegations that he undermined the House's integrity." "House trial of Ray Sansom on hold for a month".

    Oh my! What would Limbaugh think of this!

    "Sen. Nelson visits Haitian quake victims in Fla.". More: "NFL, union pledge $1 million in Haiti relief".

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