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The Blog for Friday, March 19, 2010

Tally today

    The Saint Petersburg Times: "In Tallahassee today, focus is the budget". The Tallahassee Democrat: "2010 Legislature summary". More: "Slip-and-Fall Bill Passes House, Moves in Senate" and "House OKs Guns in Adoptions, More".


    "Sink tries to keep campaign focused on jobs".

    Crist crashing

    The Research 2000 poll of likely voters conducted for Daily Kos during the period (11/16-18/2009 results):

    GOP Senate Primary

    Charlie Crist (R) 30 (47)
    Marco Rubio (R) 58 (37)
    "Crist is broken".

    This ain't your parents RPOF: according to the poll, 67% of Florida GOP primary voters don't know or aren't sure of Obama was born in the U.S.

    As for the general, Meek is smiling:
    Senate General Election

    Charlie Crist (R) 45 (50)
    Kendrick Meek (D) 36 (33)

    Marco Rubio (R) 41 (38)
    Kendrick Meek (D) 40 (30)
    Much more, including the Sink-McCollum numbers, here. See also "" and "Kendrick who? GOP race overshadows Meek Senate bid".

    They're baaaccckkk ...

    "The Republican-dominated Florida House pushed through legislation Thursday that allows legislative leaders to raise unlimited dollars from special interests, rejecting a dozen Democratic amendments aimed at limiting the influence of money in politics." "Florida GOP House members revive once-outlawed 'leadership funds'". See also "House Approves 'Affiliated Party Committees'" and "House OKs bill changing campaign-contribution rules".

    I am shocked, shocked!

    "NRA has gotten most of what it wanted in Florida Legislature in 2010".


    The Orlando Sentinel editors: "Three weeks into this year's session of the Florida Legislature, clouds are building. Leaders are ignoring a bid to shine more sunlight on their lawmaking, including how they parcel out billions of taxpayer dollars each year. They're slow-walking another proposal to strengthen citizens' constitutional right of access to government records and meetings." "Lift veil on legislators".

    It ain't over

    "Florida plan to kill tax benefit for films that aren’t ‘family friendly’ sparks backlash".


    The Tallahassee Democrat editorial board: "House should back off proposed PSC changes".


    "A bill to curb spending by regional workforce boards -- spurred by allegations of excessive spending -- is drawing criticism." "Florida workforce boards bristle at bill to increase spending oversight".


    "Kosmas, R-Fla., is one of 38 Democrats in the House who haven't committed whether to support the health care reform bill. That makes her, and her constituents, the target of massive advertising." "How will she vote?". See also "Kosmas faces pressure as health-care vote looms".


    "With the odds of borrowing a half-billion bucks growing dicey, water managers are exploring new ways to finance Gov. Charlie Crist's deal with the U.S. Sugar Corp. -- a controversial land buy the governor stood firmly behind Thursday during a South Florida visit. One possible alternative: Pay for a big chunk -- perhaps even all -- of the $536 million price tag in cash. But coming up with cash up front could require serious, and politically messy, surgery on the South Florida Water Management District's $1.5 billion budget." "Florida water managers weigh cuts, selloffs to finance U.S. Sugar deal". Related: "Crist's Everglades sugar deal bogs down in fiscal swamp".

    Uppity teachers

    "The state's teachers union and Florida Democratic Party have opened a broadside media attack on Republican lawmakers who are trying to end teacher tenure in favor of a merit-pay system in an effort to beef up school quality without spending more."

    In the meantime, "Florida lawmakers change controversial parts of merit-pay plan as Florida Education Association launches ad campaign against measure". "Teachers-union ad blitz blasts plan for merit pay".

    For sale

    "Could school bus ads save school budgets?".

    Don't "look a gift politician in the mouth"

    Paul Flemming: "Ah, Sunshine Week in an election year, when candidates far and wide get to trumpet the fact that they are in favor of Florida law and agree with the state's constitution. Let us not, however, look a gift politician in the mouth. Access to government information is important, and support, under any guise, is welcome. So, this week, let's highlight a few new developments and useful tools available to keep an eye on Florida government." "Web sites put more in the sunshine".

    "Jeb!" desperate for limelight

    "Jeb Bush, Sharpton slated for MSNBC town hall in Tampa".

    Forget it

    The Tampa Tribune editorial board thinks we should "Give state Sen. Mike Fasano some credit."

    At least he's trying to find ways to increase state revenues - and reduce the sting Floridians are feeling due to a hefty increase in driver's license and vehicle registration fees adopted by the Legislature last year.

    But the New Port Richey Republican's idea to essentially sell advertising space on license plates and give discounts to motorists purchasing them should be parked.
    "A clunker of a revenue idea".

    Loaded poll

    "No shock here: The Republican-led Senate passed Senate President Jeff Atwater's proposal (SB 2742) asking voters in November if the federal government should have a balanced budget amendment. Party-line vote: 26-13. But Democrats didn't like the idea of using the ballot to take 'nonbinding public opinion polls,' in the words of Sen. Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale." "Republican-backed budget question to Florida voters is a biased 'poll' Democrats complain".

    Raising cash, the old fashioned way

    "Seatbelt campaign yields nearly 37,000 motorist citations".


    "With a heavy hometown boost, state Sen. Al Lawson claimed a spot on the November ballot Wednesday in his bid to knock off U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd in the Democratic primary." "Lawson claims spot on November ballot".

    Sorry, Bill

    "Nelson's Medicare Advantage deal cut from health care reform".


    "DMV customers pay more as state closes offices, freezes hiring".

    Good questions

    "A personal data company that came under fire for a major breach of Florida government workers' data six years ago had its contract renewed with the state in December, just three months before it was sold to a British-based firm." "Aronberg seeks answers about sale of data firm with Fla. contract to British company".

    EPA delay

    "Bowing to criticism of federal water pollution standards from state environmental officials, and business and farming industries, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will delay implementing some of the most contentious aspects of the proposal and seek a third party review of the science behind it." "EPA Delays Component of Water Regs, Seeks Review".

    RPOFers "acting against the best interests of their constituents"

    The Saint Petersburg Times editorial board:

    As the House heads toward a historic vote on health care reform as early as Sunday, all Florida Republicans remain opposed and all but two Democrats are firmly in support. But a new analysis by the House Energy and Commerce Committee suggests Florida lawmakers who vote against the reforms are acting against the best interests of their constituents.
    "Health reform is good for Florida".

    No drugs

    "Mental-health drugs for foster children would be limitted under a legislative proposal being considered in Tallahassee." "Florida lawmakers push to curb medicating foster children".

    "One of the most wicked bills ever filed"

    Howard Troxler yesterday: " In the way that a detective admires a master criminal, I whistle in amazement at our state House and its new bill that 'reforms' the Florida Public Service Commission. Bluntly put, this is one of the most wicked bills ever filed. The Legislature's past favors for Florida's electric companies (advance billing for nuclear plants, etc.) pale in comparison." "Bill would gut PSC, give power to Legislature".

    911 bill bites the dust

    The Miami Herald editorial board: "Good riddance to a bad bill". Related: "New rules assure public can see court records".

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