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The Blog for Friday, April 30, 2010

Jebbie's dead hand

    Time Magazine: "So while Jeb Bush has made no formal endorsement in this year's primary contest for Florida's open U.S. Senate seat between Rubio and current governor Charlie Crist, it's fairly obvious to the state's voters whom the Channeler of Chang is backing." "Behind Crist's Exit From the GOP: The Hand of Jeb Bush?".

    "The math is daunting"

    "Less than a year ago, Crist led Rubio by 30 points in the GOP primary. Now he trails, in some polls, by more than 20 points. Analysts say if Crist really wants a spot in the Senate next year, his best chance – even if it's a slim one – is to run with no party affiliation."

    "I don't see any other way," said University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato. "This is it."

    But the math is daunting.

    Democratic strategist Steve Schale, who ran Barack Obama's Florida campaign in 2008, figures in a three-way race, Crist will need to capture about half of all independent voters and one third of voters from each party. But because independent voters will likely make up only about 18 percent of the November turnout, they carry less bang for the buck.

    Bottom line, says Schale: "Is that doable math? Sure. Is it a long shot? Absolutely."

    Republicans are more concerned that Crist will dilute Rubio's vote, giving Meek a chance to squeak out a win.
    "Crist faces tough odds in independent Senate bid".

    The Cook Political Report's Senior Editor Jennifer Duffy writes:
    It’s a story that reads like an Aesop fable. A Popular Governor decides to seek an open Senate seat. He gets into the race early, and starts with a 35-point lead over a largely unknown primary opponent and a 31-point advantage over the likely general election opponent. But, The Popular Governor seems to ignore all the things he has learned about politics, and before he knows it, The Popular Governor’s easy path to the Senate crumbles before his very eyes. In an effort to salvage his political career and Senate ambitions, The Governor embarks down the rockier and uncharted independent path to the Senate seat.

    Such is the tale of Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, who today as expected, announced that he would run for the Senate as an independent. Crist’s announcement creates a three-way contest, and the advantage Republicans had to hold this seat yesterday is greatly diminished today. The race moves from the Likely Republican column to the Toss Up column.
    "Crist’s Indie Bid Creates a More Competitive Race" (subscription).

    The St Pete Times editors: "Gov. Charlie Crist’s decision to run as an independent candidate for U.S. Senate is good for the political process and good for Florida. It broadens the discussion of issues, lessens the influence of both major political parties and gives voters a wider range of choices in November." "Crist's move good for Florida".

    The Miami Herald editors: "If Gov. Charlie Crist bolts from the Republican Party as expected Thursday, Florida's voters will be the winners. The more choices for voters in the upcoming U.S. Senate race, the better for our democracy." "Crist and the GOP".

    Tampa Trib editors: "Independent Crist Will Be Fun to Watch". The Sun-Sentinel editors: "Florida governor bolts GOP for unprecedented bid".

    Today: "Charlie Crist's rough road to November", "Crist Announces Independent Bid for Senate" (New York Times), "Key lawmakers divided on being seen with Crist", "What they're saying about Gov. Charlie Crist after 'independent' announcement", "'An opportunist and desperado:' Local Republicans scorn Crist", "Republicans in Brevard blast move", "", "'Uncharted territory' for Crist", "What this move could mean for Crist", "Crist plunges into Senate race as 'candidate without party affiliation'", "Crist dumps GOP, runs for Senate as independent". Yesterday: "'Sen. Crist': Winner or Loser for Florida?", "", "", "Independent Gov. Charlie Crist under fire", "Bidding war could erupt for independent Sen. Crist" ("would Republicans let bygones be bygones if they needed the vote of a Sen. Charlie Crist, I-Fla.? Some pundits say yes"), "No-party candidate Crist completes flip-flop", "Charlie Crist becomes an independent man" and "Q&A: Charlie Crist's independent bid for the U.S. Senate".

    Choice games

    The Orlando Sentinel editors: "Who says the Florida Legislature never gets anything done? Leaders in the state Senate may have set a new standard for irresponsibility and hypocrisy this week."

    With this year's legislative session scheduled to end today, with members struggling to deal with the bleakest economy in decades, with important bills hanging in the balance, the Senate wasted more than two hours Wednesday before passing a surprise proposal to restrict a woman's constitutional right to an abortion.
    "Abortion sneak attack".

    The St Pete Times editors: "Incoming Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos and his Republican colleagues have launched an all-out assault on women’s rights in the waning hours of the legislative session. " "An all-out assault on women’s rights".

    Scott Maxwell: "Stealth attack on choice may be sneaky enough to work". See also Abortion fight brings House bills to standstill", "House Dems threaten boycott over abortion bill", "Senate Passes Controversial Abortion Bill to House", "Abortion provision causes snag" and "Senate passes health bill with abortion amendments".

    Primary twist

    "And you thought Florida's topsy-turvy election year couldn't get crazier. Now comes billionaire real estate investor Jeff Greene of Palm Beach, a Democrat, jumping into Florida's already chaotic U.S. Senate race."

    Greene said he he will refuse campaign contributions from special interests, and will limit individual donations to $100. That should be no giant sacrifice considering that Forbes last year estimated his net worth at $1.25-billion. His colorful profile - Mike Tyson was best man at his 2008 wedding, ex-Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss lived in his guest house after prison, and he made many of his millions betting on the housing collapse that killed Florida's economy - normally would make a candidate like Greene a long shot.

    But in a race where Democratic frontrunner Kendrick Meek is little known to most voters and Crist's non-partisan candidacy means it will be a three-way race, Greene's ability to saturate Florida TV with commercials could make him a major contender.
    "Real estate billionaire joins Florida's U.S. Senate race".

    "The name's Browning ..."

    Paul Flemming: "The name's Browning, Kurt Browning".


    "Legislature to vote on changes to DROP".

    Another fine mess

    "Another friend of Charlie's has resurfaced at an inopportune time for the governor who would be senator. On the eve of Charlie Crist's anticipated announcement that he will bolt the GOP to run for U.S. Senate independently, longtime Crist ally Jay Burmer grabbed headlines Wednesday with revelations of his $316,000 deal with the Republican Party of Florida." "Party Paid Charlie Crist Crony $316,000".

    Dark horse

    "Dark Horse Kevin Burns Looks to Upset Meek".

    Budget blues

    "Florida legislators have left their last and final day of the 60-day session to take up the only bill they are required to pass: the budget." "In Tallahassee today, session to end with budget". The Orlando Sentinel editorial board: "Florida's legislators stand poised to pass one of the state's most irresponsible budgets ever." "Florida’s most irresponsible budget ever".

    Never mind that "drill baby" stuff

    The Palm Beach Post editors: "End slick drilling campaign: Would Florida tourists like to watch oil burn?".

    "As concerns mount about impacts to coastal states and even Florida's east coast from a growing oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson on Thursday called for President Barack Obama to halt all test wells and exploratory operations in coastal waters." "Florida senator demands stop to oil exploration". Tampa Trib editors: "Lawmakers ignored drilling's dangers". See also "Growing oil spill could eventually foul South Florida beaches".

    Entrepreneurs in action

    "Florida Default Law Group has become one of the state's largest foreclosure mills." "State officials investigate Tampa foreclosure firm".

    "The golden ticket"

    "When Florida tries again to win hundreds of millions of dollars in the federal Race to the Top competition, it could be holding the golden ticket missing in its first, failed bid: support from teacher unions." "Union backs Florida’s new Race to the Top plan".

    Pill mills

    "Pain clinics will not be allowed to advertise or dispense large amounts of pills to cash-paying patients under legislation passed by state lawmakers." "Pill limitations coming for pain clinics".


    "A bill making it illegal to impersonate military veterans when soliciting donations is headed to Gov. Charlie Crist." "Bill to end fake solicitations off to Crist".

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