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The Blog for Friday, June 11, 2010

Rubio strides world stage

    "Rubio blasts Obama over Israel at Delray Beach event".


    "The Obama administration on Thursday doubled its minimum estimate of how much crude oil was gushing from the Deepwater Horizon oil well, saying a panel of scientists had concluded that 20,000 to 50,000 barrels, or as much as 2.1 million gallons, were pouring into the Gulf of Mexico every day before BP sheared the well's riser pipe on June 3" "Previous estimate on oil flow doubled".

    Paul Flemming: "I scooted over from Mobile to Pensacola Beach on Saturday morning. Oil had appeared on Florida shores. Gov. Charlie Crist was going to show up." Spotting a famous face (and Charlie Crist was there, too)

    The Saint Petersburg Times editorial board: "Two of the many perplexing issues about the disastrous gulf oil spill involve tracking the changing directions of the oil in the ocean currents and gauging its impact on the shoreline and in the water. A coalition of 21 Florida schools and marine science organizations has proposed a sophisticated monitoring plan to provide those answers, and BP should move swiftly to grant the $100 million request. The sooner this important research begins, the quicker Florida and the nation can respond and limit the damage." "Move quickly to monitor oil spill".

    More: "Panhandle officials: More skimmers needed for oil spill cleanup", "Is water at some Florida beaches toxic?", "Counties want BP out of decisions", "Crist Seeks Permanent Drilling Ban", "Obama will make stop in Pensacola", "AG McCollum asks BP $2.5 billion", "Sides are gearing up for BP lawsuit" and "Florida task force talks of lawsuits in BP oil spill – but backs off". The Orlando Sentinel editorial board: "BP's obligation to Florida".

    The best they could do?

    "Crist was given eight candidates to choose from Thursday to replace his two ousted appointees to the Public Service Commission [former Bradenton newspaperman David Klement, and Pensacola accountant Benjamin 'Steve' Stevens]. ... Senators argued that Crist's picks were either unqualified or lacked ethnic diversity. Klement and Stevens said their rejection was political payback from the powerful utility companies that wanted the rate increase as well as retribution for Crist, who antagonized the Republican-led Legislature with vetoes of their top priority bills and fled the party to run for U.S. Senate as an independent."

    "Crist will now have 30 days to chose from the following:"

    • Former state senator and current PSC general counsel Curt Kiser.

    • Altamonte Springs Sen. Lee Constantine.

    • Miami Rep. Ron Brisé.

    • Jacksonville City Councilman Art Graham.

    • Former Missouri PSC commissioner Susan Murray.

    • Tallahassee lawyer and economic development consultant Charles Ranson,

    • Kevin Wiehle, a Senate staffer and top analyst on utility issues.

    • Former PSC executive director Mary Bane.

    Most received between seven and nine votes out of a possible 11, but the clear favorite was Wiehle, who received 10 votes.
    "8 recommended to fill 2 seats on Florida's Public Service Commission". See also "" and "".

    McCollum in a dither

    "Republican newcomer Rick Scott's self-financed television campaign has hit a nerve with Floridians weary of politicians, catapulting him into a big lead in the GOP race for governor, a new poll indicated Thursday." "Scott takes surprising primary lead over McCollum in new poll". See also "Millionaires soar in election poll".

    "Rick Scott's opponents for governor are telling reporters to essentially fluff off a new poll Thursday that shows the former Columbia/HCA hospital CEO beating both Attorney General Bill McCollum in the Republican primary for governor and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink in a hypothetical November match-up."

    Focus on the fraud, they say. The fraud. The fraud.

    "Rick Scott has spent $15 million in half as many weeks to fund his public image repair squad's pricey and misleading paid media campaign," McCollum spokesman Kristy Campbell said Thursday. "It's no surprise he has skyrocketed in the polls since Floridians are just beginning to learn about his questionable past. His lead will evaporate when Floridians learn Rick Scott oversaw the most massive Medicare fraud scheme in American history.''

    Democrats added their own e-mail titled "Fraud is not a mistake,'' along with a 2 minute 40 second Web video called Slick Rick.
    "Was candidate involved in U.S. healthcare scam?".


    "Debra Villegas, the former chief operating officer of Scott Rothstein's law firm, is scheduled to enter a guilty plea at 5 p.m. She's the only one of Rothstein's associates who has been charged so far in the $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme." "Former Rothstein confidante set to plead guilty today".

    No-bid contracts in Jax

    "A recently settled lawsuit concerning a no-bid contract in Jacksonville has taxpayers turning up their noses, for a number of reasons. Since 1992, the city’s Trail Ridge landfill has been run by Waste Management, a waste and environmental service with locations throughout the country. But when Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton began negotiations to extend the contract in 2007, things got sticky." "Group accuses Jacksonville of violating no-bid contract rules and the Sunshine Law".

    Sunrail noise

    "SunRail concerns prompt push for quiet zone".

    The League of Cities say "jump!"

    The Miami Herald editorial board asks "how high?" "A reality check for Miami's unions".


    "Senate candidate Maurice Ferré said it is wrong to spend thousands of dollars to prolong the lives of the dying for a short time." "Maurice Ferré: Cut medical costs for those about to die".

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