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The Blog for Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ricky owes Florida "1.71 million new jobs"

    "Incoming Gov. Rick Scott wants to 'measure the living daylights' out of state government. So here's a benchmark: 1.71 million new jobs."
    So here's a benchmark: 1.71 million new jobs.

    That would increase the state's workforce by 24 percent, more than enough to employ every out-of-work Floridian.

    It would also fulfill the pledge Scott made this summer when he released details of his ambitious "7-7-7'' plan -- seven steps over seven years to create 700,000 jobs.
    "Now that the campaign is over, Scott is feeling the weight of that promise."
    "Find me 700,000 jobs and I'll do pretty much anything,'' he joked during a recent meeting with state lawmakers.

    But another look at Scott's job plan shows he's on the hook for much more. Start by adding 1.05 million jobs to Scott's goal.

    That's how many jobs state economists expect to trickle into Florida over the next seven years without any help from the new governor. Scott's economic advisor, Donna Arduin, said these jobs are in addition to what Scott is supposed to create by cutting taxes, reducing spending and eliminating some business regulation.
    "Rick Scott starts to feel weight of jobs promise". See also "" and "".

    Early shot at the trough

    "Tallahassee expected to reap inaugural bonanza".

    Mad Men

    "Scott’s transition team: Scott should rebrand and restructure 'the company'".

    As Ricky plans his coronation ...

    ... "Report shows gangs on the rise in Florida".

    Never mind the Sunshine

    "Gov.-elect Rick Scott gets government advice out of the spotlight".

    And a rifle in every closet ...

    The Tampa Tribune editorial board: "Scott's transition team is proposing radical changes to state government and seems to think any efficiency or cut will be an improvement." "Scott risks too much, too fast".

    "Private school vouchers for all children and a merger of Florida's environmental, community planning and transportation agencies were among the suggestions of Gov-elect Rick Scott's transition teams that were already stirring debate [yesterday]." "Scott transition team proposals stirring debate". See also "Scott’s transition team calls for school choice, merit pay, online education and ‘rebranding’". Related: "Scott Education Team Gives New Twist to Old Ideas" ("Compromises afoot on performance pay and tenure").

    "Governor-elect Rick Scott's economic development transition team has recommended cutting off unemployment compensation for jobless Floridians who don't spend enough time looking for work." "Panel proposes cutting Fla. unemployment costs".

    Welfare RPOFers can live with

    "Harris gets $19 million patient health-care records contract".

    Ricky ain't inspiring confidence

    "Existing home sales fell 15 percent in November compared to a year ago, and prices dipped along with them, according to a report released Wednesday by the Florida Association of Realtors." "Florida Home Sales and Prices Slide in November".


    "Rick Scott's Tourism Team: Double State Marketing Money".

    "Watching redistricting like hungry hawks"

    The Miami Herald editorial board points out that "while the governor's mansion and the Legislature are firmly in the hands of Republicans, the redistricting process this time will be governed by much stricter rules than in the past, when the party in power gerrymandered districts to its own advantage. "

    In November, voters overwhelmingly approved Amendments 5 and 6, which require legislative and congressional districts to be fairly drawn, to not favor either political party or any incumbent and to protect minority voters. Districts must be compact, contiguous and based on existing political and geographical boundaries.

    A tall order, yet legislators have no choice but to abide by the new rules -- the majority of voters have spoken, and they will be watching the redistricting process like hungry hawks.
    "State's growth a boon -- and a challenge".

    He "would not have worked for Scott a single day"

    "Gone are the secretaries for the Department of Juvenile Justice (Frank Peterman), the Department of the Lottery (Leo DiBenigno), Department of Community Affairs (Tom Pelham), Department of Health (Ana Viamonte Ros), Department of Management Services (Linda South) and Department of State (Dawn Roberts)."

    Pelham said in an e-mail to the Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau that he submitted his resignation Nov. 8 and "would not have worked for Scott a single day, even if I had been asked to stay."
    "Who's in and who's out".

    FCAT follies

    The Palm Beach Post editorial board: "School grading system still flawed, but improvement possible".

    Sing along with Troxler

    Howard Troxler's annual Christmas carols include

    Rick Scott, the Long-shot Candidate

    Rick Scott, the long-shot candidate, had a lot of dough to spend, but when he started running, no one ever thought he'd win.

    All of the other Republicans used to laugh and call him names; they wanted Bill McCollum to play the standard Tally game.

    Then one shiny 'lection night, the voters came to say:

    "Though you could have been indicted, McCollum leaves us unexcited."

    Then how the lobbyists loved him, and gladly shouted one and all,

    "Rick Scott, the long-shot candidate, here's $2 million for your ball!"

    . . .

    Voucher Wonderland

    Take the cash from public schools, hand it out with brand-new rules,

    It's a logical step to pay for Country Club Prep, with the dough that comes from Voucher Wonderland!

    In the springtime we'll again kill tenure, and stick the public teachers with more tests,

    If they squawk we'll tell them, "Well, so then you're

    "A dinosaur, 'cause private schools are best!"

    Very soon, we'll bust the union, send K-through-12 to ruin,

    While the tax money goes to everybody who knows that it's time to rip off Voucher Wonderland.
    "Howard Troxler comes a-caroling — again".

    "'Tough' to 'right'"

    "Scott transition: Move from 'tough' to 'right' on crime".

    Funding gerrymandering

    "Financial records for two Florida congresspeople indicate that legal expense funds associated with their offices were created in order to defray legal costs that arise 'in connection with [their] official duties and position in Congress' — so why is that money being used to sue to block a Florida constitutional amendment that will handicap politicians’ ability to gerrymander districts?" "According to docs, blocking Amendment 6 one of Brown, Diaz-Balart’s 'official duties'".

    A**hole search

    "Florida wildlife officers seek killer of 320-pound bear".

    Pill Mills get their money's worth

    "Scott's removal of four full-time staff members from the Office of Drug Control raises questions about the state's strategy to fight Florida's prescription-pill epidemic. ... With no state funding for prescription monitoring, Fasano wonders how the program will keep operating without the Office of Drug Control to raise money for it." "Scott moves to cut drug office".

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