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Thanks for visiting. On a semi-daily basis we scan Florida's major daily newspapers for significant Florida political news and punditry. We also review the editorial pages and political columnists/pundits for Florida political commentary. The papers we review include: the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Naples News, Sarasota Herald Tribune, St Pete Times, Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Tallahassee Democrat, and, occasionally, the Florida Times Union; we also review the political news blogs associated with these newspapers.

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Not that we don't provide spin; we do, and plenty of it. Our perspective appears in post headlines, the subtitles within the post (in bold), and the excerpts from the linked stories we select to quote; we also occasionally provide other links and commentary about certain stories. While our bias should be immediately apparent to any reader, we nevertheless attempt to link to every article, column or editorial about Florida politics in every major online Florida newspaper.


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The Blog for Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Castor challenger short in the smarts department

    "Mike Bennett successfully pushed to make voters work harder to get to the polls. But in the past the 66-year-old state senator sometimes skipped the trip himself."
    Bennett led the charge to repeal Florida's 25-year-old growth management rules, contending the only way to revive the economy was by cutting government control over the real estate industry. But his next big real estate sale may be to the government.

    Bennett, a Bradenton developer, has spent the past 11 years in the Legislature — two in the House, nine in the Senate, climbing to the upper ranks of the Republican leadership. Now, having hit his term limit in Tallahassee, he has filed papers to run for Congress against U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa.

    But first Bennett is hoping that during redistricting his friends in the Legislature will change the boundaries of Castor's district so he won't have to move from his $1 million waterfront home.
    "State Sen. Mike Bennett turns eyes toward D.C.".

    "Florida's water policy is being dismantled"

    The Saint Petersburg Times editorial board: "Piece by piece, Florida's water policy is being dismantled."

    First, Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature forced the state's water management districts to slash property tax collections. Then the Scott administration pressured the Southwest Florida Water Management District to eliminate its local basin boards, and its executive director to resign. Now the administration is overturning decisions by water management districts to buy property to protect water supplies. Such political interference by a governor is unprecedented, and it undermines the professional management of the state's water resources.
    "Governor sinks good water policy".

    Scott says "no" to retirees, seniors, children and disabled

    "Florida already leads a lawsuit challenging the federal health care law, but state officials are going a step further and ignoring the law almost entirely — rejecting millions of federal dollars to provide health care for retirees, seniors, children and people with disabilities." "Florida rejects federal aid money".

    Nelson challengers lining up

    "This week two prominent Florida Republicans -- U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan and former Ruth's Chris CEO Craig Miller -- inched closer to jumping into the already crowded primary to take on Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012."

    Miller ran in the Republican primary last year to face then-U.S. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas for her Central Florida congressional seat. Then-state Rep. Sandy Adams, who would eventually beat Kosmas in the general election, won the primary with 30 percent. Former Winter Park City Commissioner Karen Diebel came in second with 29 percent and Miller third with 28 percent.

    While Buchanan has left the door open to entering the Republican field, the Florida congressman, who was first elected in 2006 and serves on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, has done little to lay the foundation for such a campaign.

    Buchanan, however, did take aim at the Senate, which is controlled by the Democrats, arguing that the upper chamber is doing little on the pressing matters of the day.
    "Republicans Miller and Buchanan Leave Door Open to Challenge Nelson". See also "George LeMieux Unveils His Finance Team", "Twitter Turns Up Heat on Florida's GOP Senate Race" and "Adam Hasner Shows Off His Conservative Side".

    Anther fine Jebacy

    "Despite a significant rise in the state's graduation rate, a new report shows that Florida still lags well behind the national average." "Florida graduation rate increases, but still far behind nation".

    "He would fit right in as a member of the Florida Legislature"

    Daniel Ruth: "As a convicted bagman, Mendelsohn has already lost his career, a chunk of his personal fortune and his reputation, which means, of course, one of these days he would fit right in as a member of the Florida Legislature."

    But as Mendelsohn sits in the hoosegow contemplating his fall from grace, the thought is bound to eventually occur to him that if only he had waited just a bit, he could have bribed all manner of Florida's elected poltroon of pols and it would have been perfectly legal.
    "With corruption, timing is everything".

    "Something Is Very Wrong"

    Nancy Smith: "The Governor's Office and Public Records: Something Is Very Wrong".

    "Wasserman Schultz Passes on Weiner"

    Kenric Ward: "Profile in Partisanship: Wasserman Schultz Passes on Weiner".

    Educated need not apply

    "The Department of Education is staying tight-lipped about whether any new applicants came forward for the high-profile job of education commissioner as the second deadline to apply for the job came and went late Monday." "Little Revealed About Education Commissioner Candidates".

    Race to the bottom

    Mike Thomas: "Florida Rick vs. Texas Rick: It's just business".

    Florida Democratic Party code of ethics?

    "Democratic provocateur Jon Ausman on Tuesday called on the Florida Democratic Party to create a code of ethics and take a cue from the national party by banning donations from corporations and lobbyists." "Democrat wants ban of corporate donations".

    Miami-Dade kerfuffle

    "Candidates for Miami-Dade mayor spar in debate".

    Second amendment stoopid

    "Pushing back against the National Rifle Association, a group of physicians on Monday filed suit in a Miami federal court to nullify a controversial measure prohibiting health practitioners from routinely asking their patients if they own guns and have them properly stored." "Florida sued over ban of doctors asking about guns". More stoopid: "Open Carry Advocate John Strifler Running for Senate Seat on First Coast".

    Ricky heads North

    "Gov. Rick Scott visits Canada on quest to lure jobs to Florida".

    Ricky's latest PR stunt

    "The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which has already filed suit against Gov. Rick Scott over a requirement that government workers undergo drug testing, says it may sue over the state's newly enacted welfare provision, as well." "Welfare Drug-Test Challenge a Legal Long Shot".

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