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The Blog for Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Argenziano switches parties, to run against Southerland

    "Saying the Republican Party has left her and is now owned by ideologues, former GOP state Sen. Nancy Argenziano says she will run for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Democrat."
    Argenziano will seek the District 2 seat in North Florida now held by freshman Republican Steve Southerland, who unseated longtime Democrat Allen Boyd in November 2010.
    "In a prepared statement Monday, Argenziano likened herself to a Ronald Reagan Republican."
    "The current iteration of the party abandoned real Republican principles long ago to cater to ideologues and corporations — the Koch entities, most notably — whose interests lie in the profiteering of America and the sacking of the middle class," Argenziano, 56, wrote in a letter announcing her candidacy. "Current Republican leaders have neither patience with nor allowance for honest elected officials, and they demand that members of the various legislatures — who, after all, have sworn to uphold the Constitution — instead just follow the hijacked party line and shut up."
    "Nancy Argenziano to run for Congress as a Democrat". See also "Former Crystal River Republican plans to run for Congress as a Democrat".

    "The Jeff Kottkamp Complex"

    Daniel Ruth: "No self-respecting politician worthy of his or her love affair in the mirror would ever admit this, but one of the really cool fringe benefits of being a high-ranking elected schmoozer is moving around with big, beefy guys in sunglasses who are talking into their hands."

    We could probably call this the Jeff Kottkamp Complex, after the former lieutenant governor, who had all the official duties of Princess Anne yet insisted on a Beyonce-esque security detail just in case someone tried to steal his mustache.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has shelled out $77,000 in the past year protecting public officials you probably wouldn't recognize if they were walking through International Plaza with a neon sign over their head blinking: "Jack Markell!"

    And just who is Jack Markell? Well apparently he was important enough for the FDLE to spend $8,166 to make sure he wasn't mobbed by panty-throwing groupies, or dragooned by swarthy Middle Eastern intelligence operatives, or imposed upon for his autograph by young girls confusing him with Justin Bieber during seven visits to the state.

    As it turns out, Jack Markell is the governor of ...
    "Shelling out for security for nobodies".

    RPOFer "Delegates in Jeopardy"

    "Tampa is hosting the Republican National Convention 13 months from now, but the home state could seat only half of its total delegates if Florida refuses to move its current primary date." "Florida Wants Primary Pride of Place; Delegates in Jeopardy".

    Lottery rebranded

    "Scott's choice to lead the Lottery Department has big plans to yank the lottery from its midlife crisis and drive up sales." "Lottery looks for new spark".

    Big of him

    "After his staff blocked the payment last week, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater signed off Monday on a $5,000 check to help cover the costs of a teen who died while in state custody earlier this month and blamed the Department of Juvenile Justice for the delay. " "Atwater reverses, issues burial check to family of youth who died in state custody".

    Medicaid deform

    "Florida officials sent a wide-ranging application Monday to the federal government for steering almost 3 million Medicaid patients into managed care, a major shift that has sparked heavy lobbying from critics who demand the Obama administration deny the move." "Florida submits Medicaid plan based on managed care to feds for approval".

    "Myths of Growth"

    The Palm Beach Post editorial board: "The current growth debate in Florida would not be complete without mention of some of the Myths of Growth." "Growth means lower taxes – and other myths".

    Double Wingnut Latte: Will Scott join the ticket?

    "Rick Scott believes Texas Gov. Perry will get into GOP race soon". More: ""Scott meets with media over coffee and doughnuts".".

    Who's crazier?

    "George LeMieux and Adam Hasner take aim at each other's conservative credentials". "Attacks Fly Between Republicans in U.S. Senate Race". Rumor has it Hasner once gave a dollar to a homeless family: "LeMieux launches new attack: Hasner trying to 'masquerade' as conservative".

    "Democrat hosts her own redistricting hearing"

    "With Republican legislators conducting a 26-stop redistricting "listening tour" this summer, one South Florida Democrat is countering with her own public forum certain to take a different tenor. Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, will hold the public workshop 2-4 p.m. Aug. 10, at the Hagen Ranch Library in Delray." "Senate Democrat hosts her own redistricting hearing".

    Speakin' of crazy

    "Scott, social conservatives gather for ceremonial signing of abortion measures". See also "Immigration Policy One of Rick Scott's Legislative Priorities".

    "Strip mall casinos"

    Fred Grimm: "Law on strip mall casinos murky in Florida".

    Wingnuts run wild

    "Florida and the man behind the anti-Sharia movement".


    "Scott talks debt deal, veterans and PIP insurance". See also "Gov. Rick Scott Chews on Doughnuts, Policy with Press Corps".

    Conservatives wig out over morning-after pills

    "Private health insurance plans will have to cover birth control, well-woman visits, breast-feeding support and domestic violence counseling next year under a new women's preventive health rule announced by the Obama administration today."

    The rule, implemented under the Affordable Care Act, pleased public health advocates, but touched off outrage among religious and social conservatives because it defined contraceptives to include morning-after pills.
    "Florida medical leaders at odds with some religious groups over new women's preventative health rules".

    "Utilities pressed for answers"

    "Florida utilities pressed for answers on escalating costs, time lines for new nuclear power plants". See also "Rising cost of Florida’s new nuclear power getting scrutiny".

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