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The Blog for Monday, August 29, 2011

Oil drilling in the 'Glades?

    "Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says she would consider drilling for oil and natural gas in the Everglades if experts tell her it can be done responsibly." "Bachmann would consider Everglades drilling".

    Bits and Pieces

    Kevin Derby's "Political Bits and Pieces". Related: "Six in the Morning: A six-pack of infobits you might have missed" and "Recommended Reading for Monday, August 29".

    Its "Hurricane Perry" agin' Bachmann for Florida GOPers

    This ain't your mommy's Republican Party of Florida: "Hurricane Irene bypassed the state and spared Michele Bachmann's first campaign foray in Florida this weekend, but now she has to contend with Hurricane Perry." "Michele Bachmann rally draws over 1,000 in Sarasota, but some prefer Rick Perry". See also: "Michele Bachmann stirs passions in Sarasota" and "Bachmann concludes Florida swing with Sarasota rally". More: "Michele Bachmann to Rick Perry: Don't Write That Acceptance Speech Just Yet".

    Last week: "At Jacksonville sub shop, Bachmann pledges to end EPA, Department of Education".

    Meanwhile, "Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to hold event in Naples on Monday" and "Bachmann’s campaign is Miami-bound on Monday".

    Chamber/League of Cities pulling Ricky's strings

    Bill Cotterell: "Before Gov. Rick Scott leaves office, the Florida Retirement System will probably switch from the safe-but-skimpy old way of doing things to a riskier new model."

    Scott, who comes from the private sector with no government experience, said during last year's campaign he would like to see the state use the pension system most prevalent in the private sector. That is, he wants more of the "defined-contribution" investment plans, and far fewer of the familiar "defined-benefit" pension plans.

    Florida offers both right now. The basic defined-benefit plan is still the mainstay of the FRS, with the Public Employee Optional Retirement Plan (PEORP) gaining a little traction.

    The biggest public-employee news of 2011 — besides layoffs — has been Scott's success in requiring FRS members to pay 3 percent of their earnings into the pension pot. He wanted 5 percent, but the Legislature compromised at 3, along with some raising of retirement ages and changes in the "vesting" period required to qualify for pensions.
    "Last rites for defined-benefit plan".

    Raw political courage

    "Vern Buchanan Calls for Pan Am Bomber to be Extradited from Libya".

    Florida legislators work to persuade redistricting doubters

    "Florida legislators bring the contentious redistricting road show to the western half of the state this week as they work to persuade doubters that they really aren’t interested in drawing legislative maps to neither protect themselves nor their parties." "Legislators hear drumbeat of complaints over timeline, cost of redistricting". Related: "Round-up of media coverage of redistricting for 8/29".


    "People must pay for the tests, which cost $30-$35. If they test clean, the state reimburses that cost with mostly federal dollars, Follick said. He did not have a breakdown of the overall state and federal costs of the program. About 1,500 to 2,000 people might be tested each month." "Florida welfare drug tests largely are clean".

    Wingnuts slam Hasner as "moderate"

    Drag a dollar bill through a country club and you never know what you'll find.

    "It wasn't personal or political - just business, says Boca Raton conservative activist Jack Furnari of his recent online slamming of longtime friend and ally Adam Hasner as a 'moderate-conservative chameleon.'"

    With former state House Majority Leader Hasner running for U.S. Senate as a rock-ribbed conservative, Furnari last week posted copies of old Hasner campaign mailers that were apparently aimed at independents and Democrats in his Palm Beach-Broward House district. One from 2004 highlights a newspaper description of Hasner as "moderate." One from 2006 touts his support of education spending and growth management and depicts a Democratic woman saying she'll vote for Hasner.

    Furnari was an adviser and contributor to Hasner's House campaigns and introduced Hasner at a Boca Raton Republican Club dinner last year as someone who had promised to govern as a conservative and had "kept the faith."

    Furnari backed Hasner rival Mike Haridopolos in the GOP Senate primary before Haridopolos dropped out last month. Now Furnari says he's neutral in the primary and insists he has nothing against Hasner. Instead, Furnari says he's loyal to BIZPAC Review, an online conservative news venture that launched this year with Furnari and Business Political Action Committee Chairman John R. Smith as founders.
    "'Business' of politics prompts former supporter to slam Adam Hasner".

    U.S.-Israeli solidarity rally

    "People from across South Florida gathered Sunday night at the South Florida Summit for Israel at Nova Southeastern University." "Rally in Davie urges U.S.-Israeli solidarity".

    Anti-Castro picket

    "About 200 anti-Castro demonstrators picketed outside a weekend concert by Cuban singer Pablo Milanes in Miami. ... The protestors see Milanes as a supporter of Cuba's communist government, although in recent years he has criticized its treatment of dissidents and its unwillingness to change." "Anti-Castro protestors picket Miami concert".

    "Republican Party of Florida picked up the tab"

    "Tax dollars didn't pay for Gov. Rick Scott's robocalls".

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