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The Blog for Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Legislators back to Tally for special session

    "As state legislators return for a special session on redistricting, the focus returns to the Senate, which must comply with the new anti-incumbency rules imposed by voters. But will they be able to take politics out of the process?" "Legislators return for special session to redraw rejected Senate map". See also "Round 2 on Senate election maps: Can new election districts avoid bias?", "Taking on redistricting" and "Everything you need to know".

    Tallahassee geniuses prohibit hiring companies tied to Cuba

    "Florida legislators have voted to restrict state and local governments from inking contracts with companies tied to Cuba or Syria. The measure appeared directed at one of Miami-Dade County government’s largest contractors, Odebrecht USA." "New Florida law prohibits Miami-Dade, other governments from hiring companies tied to Cuba".

    "Capitalism, Florida-style"

    Daniel Ruth: "It's a common refrain among the parishioners of the rock-ribbed, conservative, free enterprise faith: 'Government should be run more like a business.'"

    Isn't that precious?

    You can't get more corporate than Progress Energy, a company with bazillions in annual revenues. It has all sorts of private sector trappings — stockholders, a fancy pants board of directors and just look at all those pin-striped suits.

    And yet Progress Energy is a business that really wants to be run more like a government with its citizens treated like ATM machines.

    This isn't a corporation. It's Greece on a meth high. ...

    You could be forgiven if you are thinking to yourself: "Hey, how can I start my own stumblebum power company and rake in tens of millions of dollars for doing less work than Prince Philip?" ...

    In Republican-controlled Tallahassee, filled with politicians who love to give lip service to the virtues of free market economics, where all that is needed to succeed is a will to innovate and work hard without the intrusive hand of government interfering with the private sector, an arm of a Fortune 500 company has been given a corporate welfare check of at least $150 million — and counting — to cover the costs of its own ineptitude.

    But wait! It only gets more ridiculous.
    "Capitalism, Florida-style: Private profits, public pain".

    2012 session summary

    "Environment and Natural Resources". See also "Insurance", "Ethics, Elections and Redistricting", "Real Estate and Growth Management" and "Transportation".

    "A stunning display of wealth"

    "Two Bentleys, an Aston Martin and a Maserati"

    sat parked under the palms at Villa Solstice, a private home on Sarasota Bay where friends and supporters of Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., were hosting a fundraiser earlier this month for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

    It was a stunning display of wealth, even by the standards of this affluent waterfront community, where Buchanan spent $5 million of his own money in 2006 in a successful bid for Congress. It also may help to explain why Boehner had played golf with Buchanan and other top donors earlier in the day, and why Buchanan _ despite ongoing FBI, IRS and congressional ethics probes _ was tapped last year to raise money for the committee that’s charged with keeping the House of Representatives in Republican hands.

    That organization, the National Republican Congressional Committee, has been one of the largest beneficiaries of Buchanan’s connections and fundraising prowess. Under his fundraising leadership, the committee just had its best January since 2007, said Paul Lindsay, its communications director. The committee posted its best January numbers ever in an election year, he said, and it’s $13.5 million ahead of where it was at the same time in 2010.
    "Despite troubles, Sarasota congressman Buchanan is key fundraiser for the GOP".

    Obama's Florida outreach

    "President Barack Obama's campaign is launching a Florida effort to highlight popular aspects of the Affordable Care Act, the sweeping, and still controversial, health care law enacted two years ago this month. Starting this week, the Democratic National Committee will send nearly 200,000 mail pieces to female voters as outreach events are held across the state." "'Nurses for Obama' among campaign appeals to female Florida voters".

    Medicaid deform

    "Trying to transform Medicaid into a statewide managed-care program, Florida health officials face dozens of questions from the federal government about how the plan would work. The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services sent a list of questions in January, more than five months after Florida submitted proposals to shift hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries into HMOs and other managed-care plans." "Federal Officials Pepper State's Medicaid Plan with Questions".

    Really? Comparing anti-abortion rights movement to the civil rights movement

    "A campaign comparing the anti-abortion rights movement to the civil rights movement is making its way through the state of Florida this month." "Controversial anti-abortion ‘freedom rides’ moving through Florida this month".

    Mica shills for privates

    "U.S. Rep. John Mica turned up the heat on the Transportation Security Administration Tuesday, prodding the agency to allow more airports to privatize their screening operations." "John Mica Turns Up Heat on TSA for Airport 'Opt Out'".

    Florida loses almost 39,000 jobs

    "The statewide unemployment rate dipped in January to 9.6 percent, its lowest level in almost three years. But the state's job-creation machine appeared to seize up, at least momentarily, as Florida recorded a month-over-month loss of almost 39,000 jobs." "State jobless rate dips to 9.6% in January". Meanwhile, "Rick Scott 'Pleased' with Trend". From Ricky's fan club we get this: "Florida a National Leader in Private-Sector Job Growth".

    House redistricting may be challenged

    "Democrats May Challenge House Redistricting Maps".

    Energy emergency plans

    "Florida's Public Service Commission on Tuesday approved the long-term energy emergency plans for Florida Power & Light Co." "FPL's fuel-shortage plan given state approval".

    Senate fails to confirm more than 400 Scott appointments

    "Scott's picks to run universities, colleges, state agencies and other important boards are now in limbo. The Florida Senate failed to confirm more than 400 appointments Scott has made in the last year during the regular 60-day legislative session that ended last Friday. ... Under state law, all these people must leave their posts by April 23 unless Scott reappoints them. If the Senate refuses to confirm the appointees a second time they must leave their post for at least one year before they can be reappointed." "Florida Senate fails to confirm Scott appointees". See also "Senate snubs hundreds of Gov. Rick Scott's appointees".

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