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The Blog for Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mini Mack's "race to lose"

    "Republican insiders say Jeff Atwater's decision to stay out of the U.S. Senate contest means it's now Rep. Connie Mack IV's race to lose. Some say Mack is doing a pretty good job of it." "In Jeff Atwater's Wake, George LeMieux Emerges as GOP's 'Right' Choice".

    Smith, Gaetz, "each suggests the other is misrepresenting"

    "Slapped down by one court and facing years of partisan legal wrangling over the Legislature’s redistricting plans, the Senate’s top Republican quietly met with the head of the Florida Democratic Party last month to discuss a deal that could end the lawsuits."

    It didn’t work. Now, while both sides agree the meetings took place, each suggests the other is misrepresenting why the deal failed.

    Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, the Senate Redistricting Committee chair, told the Herald/Times Monday that he was approached repeatedly by former state Sen. Steve Geller, D-Hallandale Beach, who served as an intermediary for Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith.

    Gaetz said he agreed to meet with Smith “because I will meet with anybody” but when Smith asked to meet him away from the Capitol, Gaetz said he refused.

    “I told him I didn’t have the authority to negotiate a deal,’’ Gaetz said. “I felt it was inappropriate and I felt it was unethical.”

    Smith confirmed Monday that he met with Gaetz “two or three times” to find a way “to move the process forward more quickly, and get more finality.” ...

    Smith told the Herald/Times that if Gaetz thought the entreaties were unethical, “he didn’t raise that point with me. If fact, quite the contrary, he said, ‘let’s keep talking.’”
    "Democrats, Republicans bicker over who to blame in failed redistricting deal".

    Scott reappoints 344

    "Gov. Rick Scott has reappointed 344 people to state panels and positions because the Florida Senate failed to take confirmation votes. About 50 people, though, did not get reappointed to such positions as college and university boards of trustees." "Gov. Scott reappoints 344 to state panels". See also "Scott appoints 344 to state boards, but leaves several vacancies".

    Good luck with that

    "The International Panel on Climate Change estimates that the global average sea level will rise 0.6 to 2 feet in the next century. Some members of the state Acquisition and Restoration Council suggested that sea level rise should be considered when the looks at buying land or deciding where to locate park facilities." "Some advisory council members want DEP to consider effects of sea level rise on state parks".

    Love 4 sale

    "Haridopolos Still Atop GOP Senate Field in Donations".

    "Easy way to score political points"

    The Miami Herald editorial board: "It’s no secret that Florida legislators are ever eager to take a strong stand against the Castro regime. It’s an easy way to score political points against a detested foe and, by the way, distract voters from the Legislature’s failure to fix windstorm insurance, improve funding for education or otherwise deal with real and vexing problems."

    They did it again this year, adopting a measure of dubious legality to restrict trade with Cuba and Syria that has alarmed at least two of Florida’s most important trade partners, Canada and Brazil, not to mention the president of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. ...

    Federal law preempts the states on foreign trade. Besides the legal issue, it makes no sense for the governor to lead a trade and investment mission to Brazil, as he has, only to turn around and sign a measure that cripples the operations of a top Brazilian company in Florida. Signing it would contradict the governor’s claim that “Florida is open for business.”
    "Bad bill merits veto".

    Ponzi scheme

    "Former U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson has won $852,000 in a federal securities case he claimed involved a 'Ponzi scheme' that defrauded him and other investors of up to $1 billion." "Grayson wins $852,000 in stock case".

    "Election law review will extend into July"

    "A federal court review of Florida's new election law will extend into July, just a month before the Aug. 14 primary."

    A Department of State spokesman on Monday said Florida is prepared to use two election laws if the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., doesn't rule before the primary.

    A judge last week issued a schedule that doesn't require final briefs to be filed until July 9.

    The court is reviewing provisions that restrict voter registration drives, reduce early voting days and require provisional ballots for voters who change out-of-county addresses on Election Day.
    "Florida election law review will extend into July".

    "From Plant City to St. Pete Beach"

    "About 50,000 people are expected to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August, and they all can't stay in downtown Tampa. RNC convention spokesman, James Davis, said the committee has 16,000 rooms booked from Plant City to St. Pete Beach." "RNC delegations to be housed from Plant City to St. Pete".

    Marco's trial run

    "Sen. Marco Rubio joins Mitt Romney on campaign trail in Pa., shuns VP talk — again". See also "Vice president audition? Rubio stumps with Romney in Pennsylvania".

    Fall from grace

    "Former Fort Lauderdale legislator Mandy Dawson pleads guilty to tax evasion".

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